Wes Edens and the Las Vegas Villians

September 14, 2021 0 Comments

Wes Edens is looking to bring Major League Soccer to Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his partner, Nassef Sawiris, are going to be working together on the potential endeavor. The pair already co-own a soccer team and are looking to expand. They have recently filed for a trademark in June. It’s speculated to be for an MLS team in Las Vegas.

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris are both very successful businessmen. They are both billionaires and have extensive experience in the sports industry. Wes Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks as well. The team has recently won the championship. Major League Soccer and Wes Edens’ spokesperson both have not commented on this potential new team. It remains unclear and unconfirmed as to how this potential endeavor will unfold.

MLS has been mulling over the idea of adding more teams to the current league. Las Vegas is being considered as one of the possible cities where such an undertaking could take place. Other cities are being considered as well. Major League Soccer is already set to expand in the next few years with new teams in Charlotte and St. Louis. The two new teams are set to be added to the league in 2022 and 2023, respectively. This would bring the league’s team total up to 29. If the Las Vegas team were added, it would bring the total to 30, which is something MLS is interested in doing.

Wes Edens has business connections in Las Vegas in addition to his desire to expand MLS with a new team there. The trademark that has been filed is valid, so it is entirely possible for Major League Soccer to add a new team in Las Vegas. The team’s potential name is listed as the Las Vegas Villians.

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