Transformational Leadership – Gregory R. Blatt

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Greg Blatt is the former Chairman and CEO of Match Group and Tinder. He has held various executive positions at the IAC family of companies. He started his career at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Greg rose through the ranks to executive vice president in the General Counsel. He has also worked at prominent law firms, including Grubman Indursky and Schindler in New York.

Business leaders consider employees who will bring change and innovation to their company. Every leader needs to have an effective leadership strategy. According to Greg Blatt, having an effective system will lead to the future success of the organization.

One of the most effective leadership approach strategies is the transformational method. Using this strategy requires the leaders to provide their employees with the tools necessary for success, instill confidence in the company’s mission, and offer guidance for growth.

From his experience at IAC, Greg found it essential to incorporate humanity, personality, understanding, and empathy in his management. In February 2009, Gregg became the CEO of, a subsidiary of IAC that was struggling. In a short period, he had transformed it into a flourishing dating website.

Through Greg Blatt’s transformational leadership approach, he changed the whole company into an international phenomenon. Transformational leadership education has existed since the 1970s. Bernard M. Bass, a researcher, developed four essential components of Transformational Leadership. From his, research Bass found out that a transformational leader should gather trust, respect, and admiration from his followers by indicating effective leadership. The transformational approach applies to any company, industry, and leadership position. As a transformational leader, one is looking to transform and inspire his followers to change their perception and work toward a common goal.

In conclusion, good leadership comes from within. A good transformational leader recognizes his position as a role model in a team, therefore following a set of values, ethical principles, and convictions. It is only by working together with employees that trust and respect are built, thus achieving significant milestones. Refer to this page to learn more.


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