Traits Accountants Need To Succeed by John Savignano.

July 19, 2022 0 Comments

Breaking into a new career can be difficult, especially when starting. It would help if you had a good education and skills and personality traits that will help you stand out from the crowd and give your potential employers reason to hire you in the first place. To succeed in your career as an accountant, here are 15 traits that all accountants need. This article discusses the traits accountants need to succeed.

The following are the 15 Traits of a Good Accountant

Enjoys Socializing With People

One of the chief complaints of accountants elsewhere is that they are a very introverted group. That’s not true. Accountants may be quiet, but in reality, most accountants enjoy talking and socializing with people. It’s just that many have decided that their profession is not conducive to being a “people person.” The successful accountant will recognize the importance of being involved with people and still have time for hobbies, family, and recreation. Accounting is not for you if you don’t like to talk to people.

Is Passionate About Math

A successful accountant has to have a love of numbers. It’s not enough to be “okay” at math. And it’s not enough to take a math course or two when you’re in college. Accountants need to take excessive amounts of math courses beginning long before college and continuing through their professional lives. People who are good at math do well as accountants, and people who aren’t – don’t.

Pays Close Attention to Detail

One of the key characteristics of an accountant is that they can pay close attention to detail. Looking at a client’s financials and making sense of them relies heavily on seeing the details..

Enjoys Teaching.

Successful accountants enjoy explaining their profession to non-accountants. They understand that if everyone understood how straightforward accounting is, there wouldn’t be any need for accountants.

Loves Data Sheets

A successful accountant likes to be able to analyze data and find ways to improve a client’s business. This is generally easier said than done, but accounting may be your career if you fall into this category.

Likes Learning New Things

A good accountant always has more to learn. They may know one specialty extremely well, but they are always thinking about other things that must be done. They want to expand their services and gain competence in other areas

Knows the Importance of Integrity and Ethics.

Accountants are supposed to be honest. They are the ones who tell you that your house is worth a million dollars when in fact, it’s only worth half as much or who tell you how much your business is going to make this year when in fact, it will make a loss instead.

Brings a Passion for Organization.

Accountants need to be organized. They have to understand the importance of how they store their data and how they store their notes. Accountants are supposed to be able to go out into the field and see a business with thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars’ worth of disorganized financials and come back with clean, perfectly organized reports.

Is an Analytical Thinker

One of the hardest parts of being an accountant is that you are often required to do what seems impossible. You’re given figures, but with the important information missing, so you have to infer the missing numbers through analysis and careful thought.

Enjoys Outside-the-Box Problem-Solving

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to come up with solutions to problems that nobody else has seen before. If you’re creative and creative thinking is something you enjoy, then accounting may be a good career.

Loves the Industry

John Savignano says most people in accounting love what they do. You get to see the tangible effects of your work every day, and you see that your efforts directly impact the overall health of a company. This sort of self-satisfaction is part and parcel of being an accountant.

Thrives on Challenges.

A successful accountant is always looking for new challenges. Success requires the ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace and adapt with them. If you’re not constantly challenging yourself, you’re not doing anything creative or productive with your time.

Has a Strong Work Ethic

At the end of the day, an accountant’s life is about toil, not play. It’s about being in a cold office for long hours with little to no compensation, so you have to be driven for this to be something you enjoy doing.

Technology Is a Strong Suit

Accounting is quickly becoming a technologically-driven profession. If you don’t know how to navigate the Internet and use a smartphone, you won’t be able to help your clients with their electronic needs. You need to be proficient in using computers and using the Internet.

Possesses Excellent Communication Skills

If you become a successful accountant, it will be because you can communicate very well with people both in-person and over the phone. The successful accountant can listen to the client’s needs, explain the intricacies of accounting to them, and then get them what they want.

In conclusion, John Savignano stated the best way to be an accountant is to have high standards for the profession, strong math skills, excellent organizational skills, a strong work ethic, and a strong ability to communicate with people. Learn more information about John Savignano