Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO The Future of Energy: PosiGen

May 4, 2022 0 Comments

Today’s world demand for energy sources has placed a premium on energy storage and generation efficiency as PosiGen CEO Thomsa Neyhart recalls. As a result, various energy storage and energy recovery solutions have been developed to meet this demand. The advantages of these solutions over conventional energy storage and generation solutions are many. They are energy-efficient and fun, and installation is easy.


A significant merit of energy storage is storing and releasing energy at will, PosiGen CEO adds. It can be used to generate or store energy at will. With grid-free electricity and natural gas, you can use the stored energy to make your power or sell it to other companies. Secondly, energy recovery can bring energy from another source back into the grid. 


This is very useful when trying to get your power line signal back into the system after a problem has occurred. Fixed and portable energy storage solutions are ideal for large-scale applications. This can be used to store energy for long-term storage or to release energy when needed. For PosiGen CEO, another significant advantage of energy storage is that it does not require much maintenance. As long as the equipment is in working order, it will perform well. 


Environmental Benefit

One of the significant benefits of energy storage over conventional energy generation is generating electricity without using any fossil fuels. This is because the storage facility generates energy, unlike traditional generation, where the point is sent to the power plant from the grid. PosiGen CEO adds that when electricity is generated from energy storage systems, it is generally transmitted through the grid to power the equipment. 



The power of energy storage is that it lets you use renewable energy and make use of energy stored in the atmosphere. This can produce more efficient electricity as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart finally adds that these benefits make energy storage a good fit for the future of energy.