Ryan Kavanaugh and Triller Fight Club nominated for several awards by SportsPro OTT

November 2, 2021 0 Comments

Triller Fight Club and its accompanying FITE platform have been nominated to possibly earn recognition at the SportsPro OTT Awards 3rd annual show that will be held on November 15 in London. Triller Fight Club was nominated for best digital-first production while their FITE platform was nominated for best marketing strategy. The awards show is designed to give recognition to those in global sports programming, something Triller has recently coveted. Triller was given recognition for a specific event that was held on April 17 of this year while FITE was given credit for their affiliate marketing program. Mahi de Silva, the CEO and Chairman of TrillerNet, emphasized how the company is breaking down the mold of traditional combat sports.

He also explained how effective marketing is making them feel satisfied with their results and ability to grab a younger audience. Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the founders of Triller and helps run many operations within the company. The CEO of FITE also added how big an honor it is to be nominated for a SportsPro OTT award. The individual also described how the affiliate marketing program was designed to bring everyone together; from athletes, influencers, promoters, and the media. The OTT Awards are meant to celebrate those who use technology through a creative lens. The awards show contains 14 different categories. The one event put together by Ryan Kavanaugh that got Triller Fight Club nominated was the April 17 fight between YouTuber sensation Jake Paul and MMA champion Ben Askren. Triller Fight Club was molded through the vision of its two founders Ryan Kavanaugh and Snoop Dogg.

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