Alex Pissios Recap

July 15, 2022 0 Comments

Alex Pissios is a billionaire mogul in the film studio industry whose career began as a young man whose moral principles are embedded in hard work and compassion. As the right set of circumstances come his way, he branches out to prosperity to attain staggering heights of success, only to be taken away overnight.

The springtime and times of Alex Pissios Act I comes about on the northwest side of Chicago, where Pissios, together with his two brothers and parents, had a share of the top floor of the household home. The family was a typical Greek American, so Pissios still reads, writes, and speaks the Greek language fluently. Pissios, however, in the beginning, planned to tread the heels of his father, who was a special ed teacher. Still, after taking an academic degree from the Chicago public school system, Pissios attended Northern Eastern Illinois University, where he gave his full attention to special education with a minor in secondary education.

Pissios had just made his way into the first category of the career ladder in 1994 as a student tutor when his uncle on the distaff side, John Mirkopoulos, had possession of a leather and fur business in Indianapolis and had a plan to extend his business operations to Chicago. He inclined someone he trusted in connection with the family to be in charge of his new Michigan Avenue residence. On receiving this news, Pissios was doubtful and unwilling to quit teaching.

As soon as his uncle retorted with a figure increasing it by three compared to his teaching salary, Pissios thought better of the deal. After Alex Pissios reconsidered his uncle’s new deal, Alex worked his fingers to the bone in his uncle’s fur and leather biz for the next decade. He put more effort into the leather business spending 12 hours every day, including the holidays.

Nick Mirkopoulos, Alex Pissios’ uncle on the distaff side, also had Cinespace, a fast-growing production facility in Toronto. Mirkopoulos threw Alex an exclusively perplexing lifeline after hearing of Alex’s bankruptcy, funded the studio premises in the Chicago market, and put pissios responsible for it. More information on Crunchbase