A Look at LifeWave CEO David Schmidt's Thoughts on Focus

October 20, 2021 0 Comments

David Schmidt states how it takes hard work and a robust work ethic, along with the support of others, to stay on track.

With the talent of LifeWave team members, life is good for the CEO and his top executives.

During his workday, David Schmidt has a routine of checking in with the CEO to ensure progress.

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As a CEO, he is a hands-on boss who is a crucial contributor to the overall success of LifeWave.

There is nothing that David Schmidt wants to achieve that he is not willing to work.

The secret to surviving the economy’s onslaught is a consistent focus on product innovation.

The focus on marketing and innovation is David Schmidt’s strength as a business leader.

“I’ve always had a strong internal discipline that carries with me into every area of my life.

Since starting LifeWave, I’ve maintained that discipline as we become a new company.

We never compromise in what we do.

We are strict and exact.

We can achieve better results.

We strive to keep everyone passionate about their job.

There is a team spirit at LifeWave that we try to leverage and capture every opportunity to gain additional efficiencies.”

“LifeWave has always focused on trying to meet our customers’ needs and offering solutions to make their lives better.

We can’t think about LifeWave’s products as simply one-off initiatives to help people with health and wellness.

David Schmidt puts a great deal of his focus on developing new ideas and then putting them through rigorous testing to assess their effectiveness.

The company works to ensure that all its new products consider a customer’s goals and well-being.

These steps help create a direct impact in people’s lives, resulting in a high retention rate of clients. Hence, the future is bright for LifeWave.

Think about it, we all have to deal with our daily distractions, which can make our focus difficult.

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