Richard Liu’s Rise through Challenges to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

June 23, 2021 0 Comments

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, which is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in China, with a net worth of 57 billion dollars.

Richard Liu Qiangdong grew up in a humble background in one of China’s most remote areas. His parents were wealthy, but something happened, and things changed. As a result, Liu’s parents ventured into rice farming to provide for the family. Around that time, Liu Qiangdong relocated to his grandmother’s home.

From a young age, Liu was hardworking. He helped his grandmother do some house chores during the day when his parents were farming. Sometimes, he went with his grandmother to buy port in the neighboring butchery. Liu’s grandmother bribed the seller with some peanuts so that she would get the fatty parts of the port. She would later preserve the fat for cooking family meals for extended durations. Go to this page on Twitter, for additional information.

Liu would always dream of becoming someone great in society in the future. When he was a child, he explored several things about the environment to see what would be beneficial to him in the future. Richard accompanied his classmates for the first time to a nearby town to learn how electricity functions. That played a part in choosing the right career when he grew up.

Richard Liu is among the most famous entrepreneurs in the world today. Though he faced numerous challenges when growing up, Liu worked hard to become what he always needed. For example, there was a time when Liu opened a restaurant but closed it shortly because of poor management. Later, he got employment at a firm that sold herbal products, and that is where he gained business management skills.

He then opened an electronic business, which brought him success. An epidemic affected several companies in China, including Liu’s, which made him start doing him differently. He began selling electronics through the internet. Since then, Richard has never looked back. The online business grew and made him the great entrepreneur he is today.

In 2017, Richard Liu Qiangdong became an official “Variety 500 Honoree” due to his hard work and service to the world.


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