Retail Investors Can Win

June 15, 2021 0 Comments

The game of investing is rigged, the small time retail trader doesn’t have a chance, and there is nothing that they can do. All of that is completely wrong, yet it is something that is repeated constantly. It something that so many people believe, but also something which they do not have any real data to prove.

When it comes to the game of investing, it is much better to learn the best practices vs learning why retail doesn’t have a chance. There are winning retail investors, and even winning retail traders. How do they do it? We are told that they must be unicorns, lucky or simply on the up side of variance before a reversion to the mean wipes them out. All of this is not true, and Professor Paul Swan has the data to prove it. Old metrics and old data is used to show that retail is a loser, but there is more data that shows how and when retail not only wins, but outperforms money managers.

What Professor Swan of the Online Trading Academy has found is that well trained and contrarian investors who happen to be retail investors do win.

When retail investors win it is because they do not chase the methodology of the big fund managers with their trend-following systems, momentum plays and volatility strategies. Instead, they use more timeless technique and allow the time value of money to do the work for them.

So, for retail traders you can win, but you will need to train yourself in the methods that give retail investors the greatest chance to not only compete, but to flourish. It will take work, but anything worth your time will take an effort. This is all about skill development, and understanding the markets in a new and fruitful way.

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