Jesse Willms Young Entrepreneur

May 13, 2021 0 Comments

Jesse Willms is a young entrepreneur starting the website eDirect Software when he was only sixteen years old. Jesse is a Canadian citizen specifically from the Alberta area. He had a team of twelve men, learning everything about the business and through trial and error, he worked hard to make a successful business. It took the business two years to build its reputation and grow, becoming one of the biggest distributors of bootleg and reduced-price operating systems. eDirect Software earned 40 million dollars in the first year of business. Jesse Willms also has founded several other businesses to consist of Car History Group and Just Think Media. Another business Jesse created was WuYi Tea, a high-quality tea available for purchase on the web that sold more than $100 million worth of tea in a two-year period. In 2010, Jesse decided to move away from sales and focus more on providing information. Penguin Leads and Car History Group was created to ease the car buying process. When Jesse was a teenager, he enjoyed reading business books to gain valuable information about the business sector. When he completed each book, he sold them online. He also enjoyed computer software by purchasing it on eBay, turned around, and sold it on Craigslist or Amazon Marketplace. By doing this, it turned his company into a million-dollar business. His current project Vehicle History helps individuals purchasing a car find out if the vehicle has been in an accident. The business has a high monthly volume and generates a lot of income for Jesse Willms.