Georgette Mulheir Fights for Democracy in Haiti

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

Georgette Mulheir has spent the better part of her life working to help children and families live better lives. She is responsible for improving the conditions of children living in orphanages in Haiti and has worked with governments to improve state facilities. Women like Georgette Mulheir have helped curb societal issues like child slavery, molestation and neglect and now she continues to do the same by advocating for the rights of all Haitians. 

If it weren’t for women like Georgette Mulheir, we would certainly live in a society that had more child molestation, and child slavery. Over the last year, Georgette has worked to help governments become aware of what is happening in Haiti. After seeing the conditions of orphanages in this country and making several visits to the country, she has realized that citizens suffer from government oppression here. Haiti has many human rights deficiencies due to the current political party (Londonlovesbusiness). 

The global leader and activist Georgette Mulheir believes the ruling party worsens the financial distress Haiti experiences and she believes there needs to be an international focus on the criminal acts committed by the Chief of State. By founding an organization called Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Georgette Mulheir hopes to bring into the light the deplorable acts committed by Haitian President Jovenel Moise. Every country has the right to have a full democratic government, but in Haiti, every time an interesting political party rises against the current regime, it is blocked by the current President. Candidates are being kidnapped, threatened and killed. Georgette’s aim is to bring awareness to the issue to promote change and help the people of Haiti defend their rights to a full Democratic nation.