Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi-CEO and Founder, Sial Engaharia

June 7, 2021 0 Comments

Edenilso Arnaldi is a Brazilian entrepreneur, founder, and president of a construction company-Sial Engenharia. He is 59 years old and was born and bred in Parana state. Edenilso started his career early when he moved away from his hometown to pursue further studies. Immediately after moving to Maringa, Arnaldi’s career and professional journey began. He started as a clerk, but he was more inclined towards civil construction. In 1990, he bought a civil construction company that grew to be one of the largest Brazilian Franchises in 2021. His business kept increasing in the 1990s, and he moved its location.

 Arnaldi has chaired the Civil Construction industry as a president and has addressed diverse issues pertinent to the construction establishments. During his time as the president of the construction industry, he gained the necessary experience that prepared him for a more significant role. As a result, Sial continued to grow within the Parana locality and became a state company.

 In 2003 and 2004, Edenilso was elected the chair of the State Chamber of Civil Construction in Curitiba. In 2004, Arnaldi started as a farmer cultivating soy and corn. The subsequent years saw the growth of Arnaldi’s Civil Construction company due to his distinctive approach to real estate. In addition, he opened some more companies that focused on different construction works.

 In 2002, Edenilso entered active politics, and in 2018, he was elected with not more than 35 thousand votes remaining the substitute candidate for the party he had viewed through. Rossi has been involved in the modernization and revolution of various Brazilian municipalities. He has experience that spans over three decades in the construction industry. The experience he has in the field has helped him revolutionize the life of locals.

Arnaldi’s work incorporates the agreeable collaboration of various components. He also cultivated a gigantic understanding of the limitless parts that need to work together to ensure the productive satisfaction of headway projects. With the motivation to foster these components, Arnaldi has served on a couple of chambers, social affairs of improvement, and government packs intending to guarantee a forward jump in the advancement.