Dr. Chris Brummer Professor

May 13, 2021 0 Comments

Dr. Chris Brummer is a Georgetown Institute law processor in International Economic Law. Dr. Chris Brummer has been a professor since 2009 working as an assistant professor at Vanderbilt Law School. He has further worked many professor missions to include universities in London. He brings a variety of expertise to policymakers and nonprofit organizations and provides insight into how firms and governments react to changes in the financial system. He has provided a variety of analyses for many large corporations to include The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, and large corporations. A graduate from Columbia Law School with his Juris Doctorate, he practiced law right after graduating from an international law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP. The offices were based in London and New York City before he joined the Miken Institute in 2011. Dr. Chris Brummer has authored several books, especially the popular Fintech Law. This book expresses the monetary, regulatory, and legal perspectives in the law sector that Dr. Chris Brummer has experienced within his career. Fintech Week is held in the nation’s capital, Washington DC, and brings great experience to those working in the field to come together and converse about the finance sector. At the event, there are a variety of careers presented such as entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and philanthropists. Dr. Chris Brummer reports his day-to-day duties to include answering client queries and emails from around the world. He teaches most days at Georgetown and enjoys engaging with nonprofits to help them prioritize organizational duties. He enjoys staying on top of recent trends and bringing this into his classroom.