Kim Dao Reviews “Weird” Korean Skincare Products

South Koreans have an obsession with skincare. There are so many new beauty products coming out of this Asian nation every year that it can be difficult for makeup professionals to keep pace with the manufacturers. Luckily for you, beauty vlogger Kim Dao has just released a video that reveals some of the most unique Korean skincare products now on the market. This new video is called, “10 WEIRD KOREAN SKINCARE PRODUCTS.”


The first item Kim Dao tries is a Black Luster Mask by Milky Dress. This mask actually comes with a magnet and is supposed to use the power of biomagnetic energy to remove impurities on the face. Kim says this product is best for people with dry skin because the magnet removes the mask but keeps the moisturizers on the skin.


Next, Kim Dao tries out Nightingale’s Tako Pack that’s designed to pull out blackheads on the nose. This pack has three steps: the first pad opens pores, the second pulls out blackheads, and the third mask tightens your pores. Kim Dao says this was the first blackhead pore strip that actually removed impurities from her nose.


Third, Kim Dao tries the Cocoon Willow Silky Mask by 23 Years Old. Although foreigners might not have heard of this brand, 23 Years Old is really popular in Korea. Kim says that this face mask is very thick and works well, but it’s not particularly “weird.”


A few other products Kim reviews in this video include A’Pieu’s Aqua Peeling Blackhead Swab, the Besolbo Royal Salmon Egg Return Cream, and Etude House’s Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack.

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