Finding Your New York City Wedding Venue

Finding a wedding venue can be difficult, especially in New York City, as many analyzing factors come into play to eradicate deal breakers. What are you looking for in a venue to satisfy your finding qualities? As many websites and photographers have an array of pictures of many past weddings and ideas, revealing your own ideas and taking pictures of weddings you’ve attended may be best as these representations can get you a lot closer to getting exactly what you want. Many other factors come into play as you’re finding the best venue for your New York City wedding, such as price.


How much would you like to spend on your venue? Consider these costly factors when planning:

  • The caterer
  • The guests (how many are attending)
  • Furniture
  • Outfits
  • Food/drink
  • Invitation material
  • Decoratives

and yes, of course there is more.


Take into account your budget and allocate intelligently before spending on an expensive venue and not having enough money to spend for your guests to attend comfortably and sufficiently through other wedding aspects.


There are various forms of venues accessible to suit any taste and budget as New York City is an ideal location for a wedding. Wedding venues are generally booked 1 to 2 years beforehand, while some only require a couple of months notice, but it is highly recommended to have all your ducks in the row; it is definitely destructive to wait until the last minute before planning a wedding.


* One key to saving money for a wedding is to not mention to the renter that the venue is going to be used for a wedding until after being quoted.


No matter what venue you decide to choose, make certain that your venue is able to present your vision in style along with being complimentary to your guests. You want your big day to be memorable in a positive way. Getting a visual of your venue during the very time of the day that the wedding is to be hosted is suggested and why planning at least a year in advance is important. There are so many wonderful New York City wedding venues on the market to best compliment your wedding intentions.


The backdrop of your wedding, the venue, must represent coordinating features to best get your ideas across to best strike your guests, the wedding party, you and your partner in a glamorous, engaging and influential way! Choosing your New York City wedding venue is a difficult task to accomplish, but absolutely significant to say the least!


The Wedding Industry Goes into the Future

The wedding industry is being taken into the future with new technology that is designed to help people find what they need in order to get the best wedding. Previously, when people got married, they went to stores such as Macy’s and other places that sell items for weddings among other items in order to scan the items that are wanted for weddings. However, new technology has been invented in which people can order what they want even if it is not available in the store. Now, people don’t have to wait until the item is available in order to put it in the registry.

Among the new pieces of technology that is of great benefit to weddings is Slyce. Slyce uses visual search technology and image recognition in order to help people find what they are looking for. Slyce is one of the best types of technology that retail stores could use in order to help people find what they are looking for. What makes Slyce such an innovative product is that it helps people know what item they are looking at outside of stores. They will also know what stores sell the item that they want. Slyce also directs people to similar items that they can buy in the case that the actual item they want is not available.

Slyce is now working with Neiman Marcus. There is expected to be a huge impact made in the wedding industry when this visual search technology enters the wedding registry business. Not only can this visual search technology direct people to the retailer that sells the product that they are looking for, but it could also refer them to products that are at least as good if not better than the product they were originally interested in. They could also find stores that sell them at the lowest price.