Securus Technology, Bettering Their Business For The Future

Securus Technology has recently made a great choice that will truly better their business in the future. Securus Technology is located in Dallas,Texas and they have been providing the public with the best inmate technology services and the best investigating tools to detectives and different law enforcement professionals for more than 30 years now. Securus happens to be one of the few technology companies that is accredited by the BBB. The company has been the leader in their field of work since they first opened. Even though Securus has been providing top of the line service, they recently made an expansion to their company which will allow them to provide their customers more flexibility and also expand the line of services that they can provide.


Securus has recently purchased GoPayNet. GoPayNet is now part of Securus. The president of Securus, Robert Pickens, announced this new partnership earlier in the year. Pickens was very proud of the expansion that his company had recently acquired. Pickens and the company’s goal is to continue to give their customers different options when it comes to paying for different government fees. According to Securus, they will continue to build on this goal for their consumers. They will continue to find different ways to help give their customers a variety of ways to pay the government and a variety of ways to continue to provide great technology to their customers as well.


In case you weren’t aware, GoPayNet is one of the best electric payment processing companies in the country. The company processes government fees only. Some of these fees may consist of criminal fees in general and different kinds of court fees. This company was founded by a former law enforcement professional. As of now, Securus and the public is really excited about this new partnership.


Securus Technologies Helping Locate Contraband in Jail

Me and my fellow corrections officers have our hands full each day inside the prison trying to maintain the peace with the inmates. Once you bring drugs and contraband into the jail, you go from a dangerous to a deadly situation in the blink of an eye. In order to help keep these items from getting into the hands of the inmates, we are working hard in several areas of the prison to spot and remove these items as quickly as possible.


The weakest location in our jail is the visitor center. This is not only the place where the inmates get to be up close with family and friends, it is the place where things could be changing hands. Despite us warning these visitors of the trouble they could be in if anything we given to the inmates, we have some very persuasive folks behind bars that get innocent people to do some irrational things from time to time.


Securus Technologies was key in helping us to really tighten down our efforts to get the contraband out of the jail. This company installed a telephone monitoring system that is far more advanced that the system we used to use. In fact, the LBS software can detect verbiage on any subject and alert officers while they are off focused on other efforts.


Days after learning how the monitoring system works, we were able to listen in and pick up on calls where inmates were talking about concealing the drugs inside their cell, using the drugs after hours, and even hiding the drugs in the yard so they can be sold to other inmates during time outside. Each time that we get a new alert that is pertaining to the contraband, we have a team ready to roll and to shut down the situation right now.


Securus Technologies, Inc., An Innovative Pioneer Within The Corrections Technologies Market.

Securus Technologies, Inc. focuses its technological advancements toward providing exceptional detainee communications, secure government information tracking and parolee tracking technology.


Securus Technologies, Inc. is a recognized brand leader in Offender Management Systems. With their innovations being used internationally, Securus Technologies, Inc. currently provides technological service to over 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states, and enables connection to more than 1,000,000 inmates nationwide. The corrections facility provider is also successfully maintained connections in the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico.


Securus Technologies, Inc. voluntarily took part in working with the Better Business Bureau to meet the required high standards of the BBB. Receiving the Better Business leaders award means that Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond to provide a trust base with their customers. Providing continuous quality customer service and care to both the departments as well as to inmates and their families. Securus Technologies, Inc. advertises with integrity, approaching all commitments, transactions and new business dealings with honesty and accountability. Securus Technologies, Inc. is known to protect and safeguard privacy both within the marketplace and for the individual. Protecting and ensuring that all data is safe from fraud and mismanagement.


A testament to The Securus Technologies, Inc. is their call center, that has a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5. Securus Technologies, Inc. maintains that these acknowledgements are the result of Securus Technologies, Incs. extensive training program for their customer service agents. Each trained representative answers call to an average of over 2.5 million calls per month, so being prepared and well trained is absolutely necessary.


The security communications marketplace has been known to make wild claims. The BBB award proves just that. Securus Technologies, Inc. is different. The accreditation From BBB means that Securus Technologies, Inc. actually says what they will do and does what they say. Securus Technologies Inc. focuses on connecting what really matters, through civil and criminal justice technology solutions.


The winning streak for Securus Technologies Continues as they bag the Gold Stevie Awards for best sales and customer service

A few years ago, communicating with a person in the correctional facilities was a very expensive affair. To most, the cost of making a simple phone call was more than ten times the standard rates, even when the person was within the state. The bigger challenge was the communication, which used to be unsupervised, and at times, money, weapons, and plans would be made and successfully commit even more crimes without any monitoring or reporting. The chaos is the kind of situation that Securus Technologies found on the ground when they started their operations five years ago. Fast forward five years, and it is now possible to monitor, track and prevent these crimes before they happen, all thanks to Securus’ technological innovations.


This commitment to transform the prison systems is what has earned the company the level of recognition and success that they are enjoying. A month ago, they won the award for the best company in customer service and sales at the 11th edition of the Gold Stevie Awards. This event was held at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The senior Vice president of operations at Securus, Danny De Hoyos accepted the award on behalf of the company and was elated about the achievement. In the acceptance speech, he stated that the firm had reached a point where they decided it was not enough to offer excellent services to their customers if their level of customer service was not on par with the service. He added that the award was a reflection of the degree of care they showed to their clients when handling their issues.


A few months earlier, the company had received accreditation from the better business bureau, which just confirms that they are excellent in customer service. One of the judges at the awards also commended them for their effort and encouraged them to strive to do even better.