How Ashley Brasier Came To Lightspeed Ventures

Ashley Brasier has had a somewhat extensive career before joining Lightspeed Venture Partners. However, in hiring Ashley Lightspeed has put an investment in someone they may rightfully believe who can take the ball and run with it. This is because Ms. Brasier has done exactly that with the positions she’s held in a variety of other companies. One of the most notable of these has been in Silicon Valley with Thumbtack’s product team; there she had worked as a Category Manager. She was also responsible for customer experience and growth within the Events and Weddings categories. See more of Ashley at

However, that doesn’t mean that Ashley Brasier was always on the path she’s on now. Inspired by drawing and prototyping sessions as a child with her father, Ms. Brasier originally began studying architecture. However, she realized that she preferred prototyping businesses rather than buildings. This eventually led her to Thumbtack, where she spent several years helping a variety of clients improve their businesses. It’s also where Ms. Brasier was able to hone further the skills she needed to become successful in the industry. Throughout this time, she also gained experience in areas that she hadn’t anticipated.

One of the most notable of these was when she was first exposed to venture capital. This was when she was working on a fundraising pitch deck at Thumbtack. As a result, Ashley Brasier became fascinated by the practice. However, she wasn’t done with her education and went to study at Stanford GSB. She still kept working, though, and consulted a variety of businesses to help earn her way through college. This is one of the traits in Ashley Lightspeed has noticed; she’s someone committed to helping clients grow their business in a reliable and sustainable way. As such, the clients that she’s helped so far have seen considerable success.

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