Jason Hope’s Fights Against Age-Related Diseases

Jason Hope has shown numerous interest in technological innovation. Recently, Jason Hope has been talking about the internet of things and how it will be the next technological venture. However, the internet of things is not the only thing that has Jason’s attention, but also anti-aging research. SENS Research Foundation has a goal to create a rejuvenation biotechnology industry that will accelerate drug development in broad-based collaboration of damage-repair expertise. This kind of research involves multiple subjects such as Advancing Regenerative Therapies in Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, Molecular and Cellular Damage from Aging, and biotechnology that helps prevent age-related diseases.

SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization that is supported by private individuals, researchers and scientist, and other philanthropists. Jason Hope is one of SENS biggest contributor. Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS in 2010 which allowed SENS to implement a new research program that aims to break down advanced glycation end products in human tissue. This program is called AGE-breaker. An AGE is a type of metabolic waste that builds up in the body and initiates degenerative processes. AGEs are related to age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s disease. Jason Hope believes that there is not enough research being conducted to develop effective treatments. Therefore, he feels that it is worth the investment if a breakthrough is discovered.

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AGE research faced many challenges in the past two decades. However, researchers finally found a human AGE that is connected to many degenerative diseases called glucosepane. This discovery has given them a clearer direction in research. Therefore, Jason’s may be seeing a return on his investment.

Jason Hope explains that he is passionate about supporting SENS and their goal because they are taking a different approach to anti-aging research. Jason likes that they are focused on cures and preventative measures to diseases that cause people to age faster than they should. Examples are Alzheimer’s disease and lung disease. Traditionally, medicine looks at treating diseases after they have occurred. However, Jason and SENS have a mutual goal to focus on stopping diseases that make you age faster from ever occurring.

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Jason Hope Is Dedicated To Anti-Aging For Everyone

There are few people around the world that do not find themselves thinking about their conditions, health, or existence in general. Most people don’t like to think about getting older or dying, but it is an inevitable part of life. Jason Hope is dedicated to finding different ways to impacts peoples lives through anti-aging techniques, since everyone has to face it at some point.

Jason Hope understands that the human life cycle is something that cannot be avoided, but there are ways for people to live their lives longer and happier. This is especially true for living a more productive life, which can be made possible by following some simple routines and making good habits. In some cases, performing the right methods can not only slow the aging process but reverse it.

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The SENS Foundation is an organization that studies biotechnology, specifically when it comes to humans and how it can be used for our benefit. This includes areas such as aging and diseases. SENS studies live organisms in order to do their research in the attempt to create new ways to improve human quality of life. Jason Hope has personally backed this foundation to help in the search for anti-aging properties and methods. SENS has taken part in research all over the globe and has collaborated with various other organizations and universities, including Harvard and Cambridge. With continued research and funding, SENS could help treat some debilitating mental diseases as well, such as Alzheimer’s.

Jason Hope is adamant about the anti-aging efforts that can be gained just through living life a little differently. Being more productive and focusing more on happy outcomes is the first thing that will keep the mind and body from aging prematurely. The philanthropist believes that SENS will be able to create a whole new way to look at the medical industry with new treatments and cures to fight disease.

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Jackson Family Wines: An Oregon State of Mind

Julia JacksonWines are some of the most diverse, sophisticated and sought-after products on earth. These tasty beverages are made from grapes, and these grapes are grown all over the world. The climate, growing conditions and the soil plays a critical role in how well wines can actually taste. The United States is home to one of the very best wine producing regions. This Pacific Northwest region encompasses numerous states such as California and Oregon. Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley is a 583-acre estate, and this estate produces extraordinary Pinot Noir. Owned by the Jackson Family, this specific region won the Wine Star Award in 2016 for “Wine Region of the Year.”Jackson Family Wines as a company, has made a dramatic impact in the industry since its inception. Julia Jackson, daughter of the owners, is one of the company’s most valuable assets.

Julia just so happens to be the youngest of the siblings, but she had to put in a lot of work to get to where she is today. As a child, her father would employ the chilJulia Jacksondren to work in the fields. This action was done in very hot weather some of the times, but it taught the children to value hard work. Of course, it worked because these individuals all have a firm place within the company. Julia Jackson has a great resume as she has attended Stanford University, she has worked as a professional model, and she is the proprietor for the family business. Following in her mother’s business footsteps was the goal as she now has her very own nonprofit organization that’s known as Seeds of Empowerment. For the perfect balance of fruit, freshness and aromatics, the Santa Maria Valley Rose of Pinot Noir is a great choice, but the company has many more blends to choose from.

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Fabletics Is A Leader In A Retail Market That Is Set To Explode

Today, the contemporary woman finds herself juggling obligations and interests that can seem far more complicated than those of her predecessors. Women’s lives can be as complicated as they are enjoyable and women may find themselves looking to build a wardrobe that can accommodate this.

Enter the athleisure industry. While classic clothing brands like Gap and Banana Republic are struggling to meet the changing tastes of young women and millennials as a whole, athleisure retailers are filling in the gaps by offering versatile clothing choices that sell holistic lifestyles as opposed to fashion forward-ness. If anyone doubts the power of athleisure they can look no further than the business endeavors of one of the most famous women on the planet: Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

Just one week before premiering her incredibly popular visual album Lemonade on HBO, pop megastar Beyonce released Ivy Park, a women’s athleisure brand that was a joint venture between the pop star and British retailer Topshop.

Arguably, the pop star’s highly publicized entry into the women’s fitness wear market is an indication of how popular athleisure has become among consumers and how much that popularity stands to grow.

Long before Beyonce set her sights on the athleisure market there was another female celebrity who decided to collaborate with a clothing retailer in order to bring more affordable and versatile workout clothes to the masses. In 2013 award-winning actress Kate Hudson collaborated with fashion e-commerce company JustFab Inc to launch an athleisure company known as their spring campaign.

True to its name Fabletics spoke to a vacuum in the women’s fitness wear market by providing tank tops (read the full story at WWD), leggings and sports bras that could hold up during an intense workout and be integrated into a fashionable wardrobe. Fabletics is known for creating collections that have design elements that hark back to 70s fashion and that speak to the tastes of consumers that prefer uber-feminine clothing.

The company has set its sights on creating more feminine pieces like dresses and two-piece swimsuits that are able to be worn for leisure activities and survive any intense physical activity that its wearer might put it through.

Helane Morrison- The Woman with “The Voice of Change”

Helane Morrison was an American business woman, lawyer, and former regional director that changed the face of finance. She was the type of woman that never lets herself feel intimidated by any problem she faced. Her sharp mind and assertiveness made every man and woman she came across with felt a small wake of fear whenever they would feel her presence in the room. Her crazy, robust character kept everyone around her straight on the right path as she thrived from her environment and policed it as well. 

Morrison was born in Brooklyn, New York and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Northwest University, Illinois. She moved forward to continue her education at the University of California Berkley School of Law. She decided to put her skills to work at the university’s law review as an Editor in Chief. When she passed the bar, she then decided to gain some experience working as a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals. In 1985, after a year of working there, she gathered enough valuable experience to move on to working with Supreme Court of Justice, Harry A. Blackman. 

This was where she found her passion in equality, which then shaped the rest of her career. Even with the numerous death threats and harassments, Mr. Blackmun had made changes to women’s rights and abortion laws, creating justice for those who were discriminated. Seeing him doing his duty as a judge gave her the inspiration she needed to start her private practice. In 1986, she moved onto the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Robkin. For ten years, she worked with class action suits and business litigation, realizing that this was going to be her career. During these years, she was made to look after a staff of over one hundred people. After seeing her skills in action, they finally appointed her full time in 1991. She dealt with lots of major investigations and some were so memorable, she published them in a book. 

The government started to have interest in Helane Morrison’s abilities and skills and gave her a position at the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange. She gained so much accomplishments and control there that gave her a high profile. She was so impressive that she became the first woman to be given the title Head of Commission and Regional Director.

Helane Morrison was an expert at work and life balance. With the dedication and commitment she had, she served many on the board with many important organizations. With her commitment to justice, she has protected and helped many Hall Capital clients in need of financial help. She became known for her passion, with the “voice of change” and never one to back down. She had earned the title Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business. The traits she had resulted her in a long and impressive career marked by the industry. 

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Bruce and Karen Levenson’s Donations Foster Innovations in Charity Studies at Maryland U

The University of Maryland has come to be known, in recent years, for it’s outstanding charity programs, all of which were made possible by Bruce and Karen Levenson. In 2010 and in the years following the Levenson’s donated a total of 5.6 million dollars to create the Maryland Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Maryland University. The organization is aimed at allowing students to participate in programs that will allow them to be properly trained in hands on, non-profit activities which will eventually lead to full time charity employment in the future. Contrary to popular opinion, charity works actually pays quite well as is evidenced by the newest addition to the Center’s broad range of programs, The Do Good Challenge. The Challenge, currently being run for the fourth consecutive year, is designed to encourage students to be as innovative and impactful in pursuing their favorite social causes. The student who makes the biggest impact and most successfully rallies for their cause will be granted the monumental prize of 20,000 dollars which rather turns the tables on the old adage that “nice guys finish last.” The goal of the relatively new Center, as described by Mr. Levenson of UCG himself, is two pronged. Firstly, it’s aimed at giving it’s students (of which there are now over a thousand) the necessary experience to gain a foothold in the non-profit sector once they graduate and secondly, to foster a genuine philanthropic spirit to ensure that all students approach their work in the most morally outstanding way possible.