José Auriemo Neto Leads Award-winning JHSF to Global Real Estate Dominance

José Auriemo Neto is described as the king of luxury in Brazil. He is currently the Chairman of JHSF Participações S.A (JHSF). Referred to as Zeco by loved ones, José Auriemo Neto is also part of the executive leadership at the company. He joined the company as a teenager back in 1993. Since then, he has earned his position as the head of the company having conceptualized and overseen major projects the company has undertaken.

José Auriemo Neto has developed and overseen the implementation of innovative projects never seen in Brazil before. His first significant development at JHSF was establishing the company’s parking lot management services arm, Parkbem. He is also credited with introducing shopping mall establishments in the country and catalyzing the introduction of several luxury brands in the South American nation.

JHSF is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the world. The company currently has ongoing developments in different countries. So far, the company has developed properties in countries such as Brazil, the USA, and Uruguay. As such, its presence is visible in cities such as New York, Miami, Punta del Este, Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus.

In Brazil, JHSF has revamped the South American nation’s real estate sector. The company is responsible for establishing shopping complexes such as Cidade Jardim, the Bela Vista, the Ponta Negra, and Metrô Tucuruvi. Within these malls, the company has partnered with luxury brands such as Pucci, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Hermès.

Additionally, JHSF has worked on the development of other residential and commercial real estate establishments. Within the Cidade Jardim complex, the company put up nine residential towers and four office blocks. The company also invested in a mixed commercial and residential development housing the Fasano hotel brand and several residential apartments. JHSF is also credited with developing the first private executive airport in Brazil, the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport.

Over the years, JHSF has created a stellar reputation for itself in the real estate sector. This reputation has not gone unnoticed. The company has received recognition on various occasions through several awards. JHSF and its various developments have been recognized by organizations such as the PINI Award, the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers, the Época Negócios 360 yearbook, and Worth Magazine, among others.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: The Spoils

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai billionaire that owns and founded DAMAC Properties. He has lived his whole life in Dubai and has made his living there. He graduated from the University of Washington and quickly went to work learning about construction and property value. With his savvy ability, he founded DAMAC and has never looked back. In a recent interview, the DAMAC owner said that turmoil in the Middle East is actually good for property in Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani was interviewed by CNBC and said that when turmoil has happened in the Middle East it is good for Dubai. The DAMAC owner stated two prime examples. The first example comes from the conflict between Iraq and Iran that been occurring for many years. He said it was good in that case because people from both countries would emigrate to Dubai in order to be safe. During an eight-year period where the war was intense, the trade increased dramatically between Dubai and Iran.

Hussain Sajwani points out another example. This occurred in the early 1990’s when Iraq invaded Kuwait under Saddam Hussein. He points out that many Kuwaitis fled the country and came to Dubai to start over again. More than seventy thousand people came to Dubai. The DAMAC owner said that this was a good move for Dubai because property values have increased and that makes him one of the most lucrative property owners in the world today.

A final example that Hussian Sajwani points out is the collapse of Somalia. More than thirty-five thousand people migrated to Dubai due to the close proximity of the country and their security. The majority of Somalis that live in the region have started their own businesses increasing property values even more.

This proves that Hussian Sajwani is one of the savviest men in the business. It proves the old adage about location, location, and location. Dubai is the perfect spot to directly benefit from the battles in the Middle East. It is in the perfect place and position to help those who need the help the most. Hussain Sajwani definitely knows that.

Released Town Residential Analysis Of The NYC Real Estate Market

Town Residential is a known big wig in the NYC real estate on townrealestate market. It is one of the most successful companies in the real estate market of New York City. Town Residential is highly knowledgeable of the United States real estate market especially New York City. It has a team of highly professional staff with vast experience in real estate market. This is the main reason why Town Residential has managed to rise so fast on the top of New York real estate market.

Town Residential has recently released a real estate market analysis for the fourth quarter of 2015. One thing about the American real estate market is that the prices have been rising over the years, and that does no seem to be changing anytime soon. This increase in real estate market prices is also seen in the fourth quarter of 2015. The rise is spread in all parameters of the real estate market. From the prices of land, land rates, the cost of building and building materials, the cost of interior finishing and the overall cost of renting or buying a real estate product. This rise has lead to fall of some real estate firms and stagnation of some real estate developments.

But this rise has not prevented people from accruing some really expensive pieces of real estate. New York city in itself has witnessed some of the biggest sales in real estates in the fourth quarter of 2015. Perhaps it is due to most of the clients rush to try and start a new year in a new house or maybe to meet their 2015 resolution which was to own a piece of real estates. Billionaires have not been left behind this fourth quarter. Economy swinging purchases of the real estate establishment have also been seen forward by billionaires in New York. From penthouses to city houses billionaires have left their mark.

An average of estimated 5.5% rise in real estate prices has been witnessed in the fourth quarter of 2015 in comparison to the same period in 2014. Manhattan is the worst hit by this rise in real estate prices. Condos in Manhattan have had media sales price increase of nearly 20% in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to the previous years. The price per square foot of space rose from 7.6% in the 3rd quarter of 2015 to 11% in the fourth quarter. Co-ops in Manhattan had a 4.6% increase in price from the 3rd quarter and 6.4% from the previous years.

From this analysis, you can see that each year real estate prices keep rising. So the faster you get yours the better.

New York City Real Estate Availability

Many people have flocked to New York City for years because it has the big city lifestyle that they desire. Because of this, the city has become filled with people which has decreased the number of available homes and space while also increasing the cost of one of these rare homes in the city. With the new market changing things around, all of this is about to change for people who want to purchase real estate in New York City. These major changes are going to lead to more people being able to purchase real estate in New York City.

There are many things that have talked about the change in the market but one of the most influential comes right from The New York Times. This article talks about the way that the prices in the city are dropping and the number of available apartments is rising. This is something that has not happened in many years and something that is getting New York City hopefuls excited about the way that they can move into the city after waiting for many years. The article talks about ways that potential residents can choose where they are going to live in the city.

One of the most important parts to finding a great apartment or home in the city is to find a real estate agent. A real estate agent will be able to help you understand the process of buying in the city and Town Residential is one of the best for people who want to purchase or rent a home in New York City. This firm is dedicated to the people that it serves and it makes sure that all of the people in the area get what they want out of their purchasing experience in New York City apartments for sale.

Town Residential has worked endlessly to provide its customers with everything that they could want in their new home in New York City. The company has been able to find their clients the home that they want. While the agency is based out of Manhattan, they are able to help you no matter where you want to live in the city. They work with clients who are hoping to find a home in all five of Manhattan’s boroughs and have been able to provide them with the homes and apartments that they are looking for right in New York City.