Meet the Compassionate Lawyer: Jeff Herman

There is nothing that is disturbing as being sexually abused. The act mentally affects the victim and some end up in depression or hurting themselves. Abuse affects the self-worth of the individuals. Well, this gets worse when there is no one to fight for them and see that the people involved in get the punishment they deserve. Jeff Herman focuses on the victims of rape. He is an attorney at the Herman Law. He is nationally recognized for his rescue missions.

Jeff Herman says that the idea of Herman Law was born in 1997. He was referred to a woman whose four-year-old son was abused in pre-school. He was moved by the story that he really wanted to find out what happened. After his investigation, he realized that a pedophile raped him. The school was keeping a staff who could hurt all the children. Jeff says that he couldn’t understand how this happened, but he realized that it happens all the time. He immediately knew this was what his purpose as an Attorney General was. He explains that there is nothing as great as helping a family know there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeff Herman says that in the nature of his job, there is no room for theories. They have to be able to separate facts from theories. This is not an issue at Herman because the team knows what to look for from the beginning. They also have an investigative unit that helps him break down the cases into simple units.

Jeff Herman says that what makes him a productive lawyer is setting deadlines. He says he is a very visual person, so he keeps his timelines on a whiteboard. He also avoids all the distractions that may affect his performance at work.

Jeff Herman says that it is wrong for people to suffer for heinous acts performed to them by other people. His best trend is the #metoo movement around the world that helps the victim to share their stories publicly. This gives them a chance to get back their power and control of their lives.