The Work Of OSI Group

The mission that first created OSI Group derives from the heart and passion of immigration and wanting to make a life in America. Before the company was a multi million dollar corporation, the company was a small family owned business in Chicago. The company stood as a place that people in the community trying to make America their home, could see that the American dream was alive and well. The company also was able to serve tasty foods to the community. The essence of hard working and creating a winning product caused the family owned butcher shop to become a major meat supplier of burger franchises in the American Midwest.

When the next generation took over the family business, they were able to develop partnerships with McDonald’s. This partnership was a major move for OSI Group. It was proof of how a small business could grow with the next generation. The sons of the founder was establishing the presence of hard work in every single hamburger patty sold and delivered to McDonald’s. The next step for this small family turned bigtime supplier was to expand its presence and reach to overseas.

The decades following the World Wars were impressive decades for OSI Group. Transitioning from a small regionals supplier to being a worldwide company took a total of two decades. The key thing that allowed the company to become a supplier working with retail brands from all over the world was consistency in their product. The company began offering consistency when it first linked up with McDonald’s. Being affordable to their products, also allowed the food provider to grow in size.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the demand for OSI Group products grew tremendously. Therefore, the company had know choice but to increase its means of producing. To increase production, the company went into overload with opening facilities that could handle such huge demands. Factories began opening up all over North America. The company knew they had to be the leader in the logistics of getting food supplied to their customers. Just like then the company is now focused on being the leader in food sustainability. They are making sure they are environmentally responsible for their processes and operations.