George Soros’ Political Zeal

It looks like George Soros is here to stay! He’s among the most well-known investors of all time. He’s also someone who has a strong dedication to politics. He has done many things to assist the Democratic party in the past. Although George Soros’ been relatively low-key as far as political donations go over the past several years or so, things have changed significantly in recent times.

Soros has made and promised donations of at least $25 million to help Hillary Clinton’s current presidential campaign. He’s also given money to assist other candidates from his beloved party. These details come from documents the Federal Election Commission collects. They also come from interviews with people who regularly work alongside Soros. People who are “in the know” also suggest that Soros may be opening up his wallet yet again. He may increase his political donations the closer it gets to the big election in November.

Soros was born in Hungary in the summer of 1930. He’s a Central European native who is now firmly devoted to the United States, his place of residence. Individuals who are familiar with Soros report that the investor’s devotion to politics is more intense than it has even been in the past. He’s driven by his confidence in Clinton’s talents and skills. He’s also serious about keeping Donald Trump out of the White House. George Soros is in no way a fan of Republican Trump’s political beliefs and approaches. He’s even revealed that he thinks that Trump’s actions are reminiscent of those of terror organization ISIS. Soros thinks that Trump operates by making people feel afraid and nervous.

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Soros has a lot of power in the Democratic party. His donations may be an asset for Clinton’s campaign on This is because they may give other people the idea to donate money. Soros’ sway in Democratic politics is indeed strong.

The political enthusiast’s donation habits are reminiscent of 2004. That’s another time period George Soros made significant Democratic party donations. He objected strongly to all things that involved the Iraq War. He also didn’t approve of President George W. Bush’s administration style. That’s precisely why he donated $27 million to assist John Kerry. Much to Soros’ dismay, Kerry was unable to take the presidency away from Bush.

Once 2004 came to a close, Soros changed his political donation methods. He insinuated to others that he may cease donating significant amounts of money to any political causes. He called his 2004 attempt an “exception.” He indicated that his 2004 political spending was in no way, shape or form the norm for him. He started concentrating more on philanthropy after 2004. He devoted a lot of time and energy to his global foundations and their various causes.

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