The Best Online Reputation Management Company Will Restore Your or Your Business’s Name

There are a myriad of reasons why an individual should take the time that is necessary to maintain and/or restore their reputation in today’s online venue. Unfortunately, there are several different people/companies that are looking to take advantage of those who have made mistakes in the past, or haven’t even done anything wrong at all. One may be wondering, how could someone have anything negative written about them if they haven’t done anything wrong? Take this example from Online Reputation Reviews website for an instance. A business provides a customer with a certain set of services or products. That very customer is not satisfied with the products and/or services they have received, regardless of the quality of what they have received having been up to the standards of what they were meant to receive. Meaning, they have certain received what they were told they would be receiving, as well as what they paid for to the fairest degrees. Due to the customer being unsatisfied of what they have received, they have decided to write a negative review somewhere on the Internet about the company they have purchased the products and/or services from. Now those very remarks that they have left on the Internet are open for any and everyone to see. Do you see the negative implications of such an occurrence?
If you have faced such a scenario in the past or know anybody who has and would like to restore your or their reputation in the online venue, please do not hesitate to contact an online reputation management company that will take the time that is necessary to ensure the negative remarks about the products, services, and even individual(s) that were involved in the transaction(s) are removed. A reputation management company will utilize their experience, expertise, knowledge, and know-how to remove any of the comments/reviews that have been left in pertinence to your or your company’s name. Be sure to acquire the services of a company that truly takes pride in providing the most optimal services in the respective field of online reputation management and restoration services.


Keep Your Business Safe From Negative Online Reviews

Are negative and false reviews hurting your business? According to a recent study, your business can lose up to 22% of potential customers if it has just one negative online review.

Dan Hinckley conducted an online survey that consisted of 1,000 Google Consumer Surveys participants, and what he found was that negative online reviews have a huge impact on a consumer’s decision-making process. “Having just one negative review could cost you nearly a quarter of all potential customers who began researching your brand,” says Hinckley. Hinckley further explains that sites such as Google+ and Amazon are among the most popular and influential brand review sites and that companies need to take the time to build a strong support community for their brand on these sites.

Keith Siddel, in an article on about how bad reviews can hurt your business, explains that there are websites that hire freelance writers to post negative and false reviews about companies online. It is also common for businesses to hire “ghost reviewers” whose job is to post false reviews about competing businesses to intentionally lower its reputation.

If a business has negative reviews of their products or services online, then steps need to be taken to reduce the negative impact of these reviews. Luckily, there are professionals out there who can help. The knowledgeable staff at Bury Bad Articles understand that negative reviews are bad for business and are dedicated to helping your business cleanse its Google search pages of these bad articles. They do this by first identifying any negative articles that exist and monitoring them closely. They then generate a “positive buzz” about your business by highlighting positive content through SEO and ORM efforts. Eventually, the positive press will outnumber the negative and the reviews displayed on Google searches will become exclusively positive.

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