EOS Lip Balm The Rocky Road To Success

EOS lip balm now one of the most popular lip balms out there especially for the younger generations is something that is still quite new itself on the market compared to its competitors. Its rise in popularity seemed almost effortless but behind the curtain there was a lot of work involved as the market was already over saturated with lip balms by huge companies with big backers. But the girls behind producing the EOS balm were persistent. A lot of their problems came from the fact that stores simply were nervous about putting in their stock. Many stores believed that the buyers would be loyal to the brands they always had thus the product just wouldn’t be bought. Another issue was that men simply just didn’t get it at the beginning, however much of that is due to the fact that the EOS lip balm was designed for women specifically millennial. According to fastcompany.com, the makers knew in order for their product to take flight they would have to become experts at advertising and that is exactly what they did as they are now just as advertised as other major lip balms such as chapstick. But marketing went further than the traditional magazines and television the product was sent out to Racked bloggers for reviews on multiple media platforms the EOS lip balm was raved about and soon enough we were taken by storm with the now very popular EOS lip balm.