The Spark Is Becoming A Fire

If you have an established brand, then you may feel that your marketing efforts have to be minimal at best. That word of mouth can keep your business afloat, succeeding and growing. While you might stay afloat with this mindset, you certainly will have a hard time growing in the competitive business atmosphere that 2017 offers up.

The recent year long study by Edison Research for PodcastOne shows, among other things, that the marketing of well known brands via the method of podcasting can bring more awareness to consumers than previously thought. It is not just marketing that brings this awareness though, but rather marketing through podcasts.

While this is a relatively new media in the marketing world, it is one you would do well to participate in if you want your brand and your business to stay relevant. The numbers in the final, published results of their study speak for themselves. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Awareness for a brand grows when listened to on a podcast, therefore the potential for sales grows with it. And this is, after all, how a business grows…..through the growth of sales. If you are not taking advantage of the pod-casting market yet, you really should look into the potential it offers.

This is also a great way to get a new business and brand recognized and, in time, becoming established in its specific sector of business. While many podcasting shows still lean heavily on the sports world in order to be successful, the recent study done is sure to open many eyes and minds to the potential of podcasting for the sole purpose of marketing one’s business.

One could say that the sports themed podcasts are marketing. Marketing the business of football, basketball or whatever other sport they focus on. While this is true, it is also true that this is a very general type of marketing, whereas more focus is being put on specific business marketing.

Retail is a good example. There are not many podcasts as of yet that focus on the retail business world. This is sure to change though as this spark is quickly turning into a fire