Winning The Retail Game With Gooee IoT Led Smart Hub Lighting

People are more likely to shop when they have coupons, deals and rebates offered to them. One particular problem however is that coupons can be hard to manage for a lot of people who have busy lives. Cutting coupons takes a lot of dedication and remembering to take them to the store at the right time and hand them over at check out requires an increasing amount of focus as people are stuck to their phones. It is a well known fact that a person is more likely to pick something up if it is being offered to them on a sale or a discount, so why not bring the coupons to the shoppers smart phone instead?


WiFi and bluetooth enabled smart phones will soon be able to connect to smart lights or Gooee IoT lights that are also enabled for WiFi and Bluetooth. The micro chip enabled hubs will act not only as light sources but as a way to market to consumers. The sensitive LED lights from Gooee can detect a human in the aisle, and the WiFi chip will market a coupon, deal or advertisement right to the shopper’s smart phone. What better way to streamline the marketing process then to enable it in real time? Consumers and shoppers don’t have time to forget about what was marketed to them hours or days ago because it is happening while they are looking at the product, and they are even more likely to pick it up on sale.