Norka Luque, a Voice of Hope to Those Facing Adversity

When one thinks of musicians who are more focused on passing positive messages than making money, very few names come to mind. Norka Luque, however, is a shining example of such a musician. Born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 7, 1986, Norka has overcome personal challenges, which have helped mold her career.


Norka Martinez Luque was musical from an early age, and with the support of her parents started piano, voice and ballet lessons. She went to France for her college education, to study Business Administration. Norka earned degrees in Marketing, Fashion, and Culinary Arts. Her musical dream, however, continued to burn within her, and while in France she joined a band called Bad Moon Rising.


Norka then moved to the United States to further her education. While she was in Miami, she met Emilio Estefan Jr. who showed interest in her music and offered to be her producer. This proved to be her big break.

In 2011, she released her first single, “Como lo Haces Tu” (As you do), which was composed by Archie Peña. This single got her a nomination for Female Pop Artist of the Year in the Lo Nuestro Awards. She went on to release “Milagro” (Miracle) in 2012. Archie Peña, the Ricardo Brothers, and Alberto Gaitan produced Milagro. It has since been released in a salsa version, a dance version and an urban remix version.


Norka Luque has a message to share with the world through Milagro. She previously overcame a personal crisis, one that made her realize that life is a miracle. The message in Milagro is for those who are going through similar situations, reminding them that there is hope beyond the painful experience. Norka has since then embraced positive lyrics in all her music, to give hope and encouragement to her fans.


In 2014, Norka suffered another personal health crisis, which led her to have brain surgery in 2015. She has however recovered fully, and has released another hit single, “Tomorrowland,” in 2016. The title of this single conveys the positive attitude she has towards what lies ahead for her in her career.


Despite all she has been through, Norka still believes that her destiny is music and that the words she uses must always pass on a positive message to her fans. It is no wonder that she believes that genres and styles of music should be dynamic, but the message transmitted to people must remain the same.


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