Fabletics Is A Leader In A Retail Market That Is Set To Explode

Today, the contemporary woman finds herself juggling obligations and interests that can seem far more complicated than those of her predecessors. Women’s lives can be as complicated as they are enjoyable and women may find themselves looking to build a wardrobe that can accommodate this.

Enter the athleisure industry. While classic clothing brands like Gap and Banana Republic are struggling to meet the changing tastes of young women and millennials as a whole, athleisure retailers are filling in the gaps by offering versatile clothing choices that sell holistic lifestyles as opposed to fashion forward-ness. If anyone doubts the power of athleisure they can look no further than the business endeavors of one of the most famous women on the planet: Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

Just one week before premiering her incredibly popular visual album Lemonade on HBO, pop megastar Beyonce released Ivy Park, a women’s athleisure brand that was a joint venture between the pop star and British retailer Topshop.

Arguably, the pop star’s highly publicized entry into the women’s fitness wear market is an indication of how popular athleisure has become among consumers and how much that popularity stands to grow.

Long before Beyonce set her sights on the athleisure market there was another female celebrity who decided to collaborate with a clothing retailer in order to bring more affordable and versatile workout clothes to the masses. In 2013 award-winning actress Kate Hudson collaborated with fashion e-commerce company JustFab Inc to launch an athleisure company known as their spring campaign.

True to its name Fabletics spoke to a vacuum in the women’s fitness wear market by providing tank tops (read the full story at WWD), leggings and sports bras that could hold up during an intense workout and be integrated into a fashionable wardrobe. Fabletics is known for creating collections that have design elements that hark back to 70s fashion and that speak to the tastes of consumers that prefer uber-feminine clothing.

The company has set its sights on creating more feminine pieces like dresses and two-piece swimsuits that are able to be worn for leisure activities and survive any intense physical activity that its wearer might put it through.