The Life and Works of Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is one of the most established individuals in the game of investment management. He has been in the business for decades now and he is long way from slowing down. Through the years, he has worked for a lot of different companies and a lot of them are big players in the industry. Before his appointment as the newest Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of New Residential Investment Corp., he has worked for these following companies:

5. Lehman Brothers (7 years) – Employee, focused on adjustable rate mortgage sector
6. Bear Stearns (14 years) Held Various Senior Leadership Positions, Head of Interest Rate & Foreign Exchange Trading Operations, Co-Head of Mortgage Backed Securities Trading, Co-Head of Structured Products, Member of Board of Directors (2006 to 2008)
7. JP Morgan – Head of Globalized Securitized Products, Management Committee of the Investment Sector
8. Bank of America Merrill Lynch – Head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products.

With all these extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise under his belt, Michael Nierenberg is the most obvious choice to be the Director of New Residential Investment Corp. Since his appointment, there was nothing but improvements in the system and performance of New Residential Investment Corp. This is nothing short of the expectations from Mike Nierenberg because he is known to be an innovator and is known for his very creative solutions. His skill, expertise and knowledge that accumulated over the years is best utilized in New Residential Investment Corp.

Michael Nierenberg currently has five older executives and three younger executives working under him at New Residential Investment Corp., this includes Douglas Jacobs; 70 years of age and is a Independent Director.

Michael Nierenberg holds causes near and dear to his heart and makes sure he uses his platform to help other people as well. He is also the long time chairman of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation ever since 1996.

Michael Nierenberg is now 55 years old with a net worth of $16.5 million dollars as of this February 2019. Michael Nierenberg owns 60,000 units of New Residential Investment Corp. with a valuation of $16,542,750. This includes the most recent stock he bought in New Residential Investment Corp. worth $990,000.

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Jose Auriemo Neto: Establishing a Transnational Brand in The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is one of the most complicated investments in Brazil. It’s crucial for you to understand the challenges and strategies that can be used to overcome these issues surrounding this investment because the country has a lot to offer in the same docket. Professional investors will, therefore, often look for opportunities to put their money. For Jose Auriemo Neto, investing in real estate has been one of the best decisions he’s made. For more than forty years, he has worked in the family business of JHSF, a leading property developer committed to providing high-end real estate properties in commercial and residential properties.

JHSF is now one of the best real estate companies that provide domestic and residential properties with a broad portfolio in the hotel as well as luxury brands such as Cidade Jardim and Ponta Negra. The malls are known for housing high-end hotels and restaurants such as Vila Nova, Cidade Jardim Townhouses and Jardim Residence.

The success of the company is linked to the leadership skills of Jose Auriemo Neto who is the chairman of the board of directors and the head cheerleader who oversees various operations in different capacities. Under his guidance, the company has revolutionized into becoming one of the most admired firms across the world. The company also established an office in Miami’s central business center in order to acquire an operational foothold in America’s luxury property market. Over the years, JHSF has become one of the leading property developers not only in Brazil in different states across the world. The firm owns Catarina Business Airport situated in Sao Paulo and Catarina Fashion Outlet.

The impressive management skills of Jose Auriemo Neto started manifesting when he was fourteen years old. He joined the company as a team leader of the parking business that he founded. It became an affiliate of the parent firm. Having garnered skills from his engineering background, Jose Auriemo Neto has excelled in ensuring that JHSF is leading in the industry of the real estate industry. In 2011, JHSF expanded its operation by starting to operate in shopping malls. It was also responsible for the development of Shopping Metro Santa Cruz.


The Leading Market Investment Firm- Madison Street Capital

About the Firm



Madison Street Capital is a market investment banking firm that has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The firm has affiliate offices in Asia, Africa and North America. Madison Street Capital has the experience, extensive relationships, and knowledge that match the top market investment banking firms around the globe. It is one of the leading providers of mergers and acquisition advisory and corporate finance.



Professionals and Services



The firm has a vast base of skilled professionals who has the capability of arranging the capitalization structure and also the appropriate financing to suit very distinct client situations. The professionals also draw on a skill set that provides various financial services that include hedge fund administration, middle market investment banking, corporate advisory, financial asset management, business valuation, financial opinion and valuation for financial reporting.



Madison Street Capital’s professionals greatly understand that situations are different and unique to every client. The professionals have a vast experience and that have given them an edge over everyone else. They have assisted a range of clients in different industries in the world. In all the circumstances, they demand precise recommendations as well as a careful analysis.






Madison Street Capital greatly understands the sensitivity of time of the corporate finance. This gives them the ability to respond tenaciously and quickly to the various opportunities. Their approach creates a corporate finance transaction where the investors and business owners benefit.



The methodology that they apply reflect a substantial experience and expertise in areas of the corporate finance including acquisitions and mergers, market pricing and due diligence, valuation, deal structuring, specialized financing and the design of different alternative exit strategies.



Awards and Recognition



Madison Street Capital has earned many awards and recognitions that include the Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisition Deal and the Refinancing Deal of the Year.



Others include:



  • Boutique Investment Banking Firm
  • The 8th Annual International Merger and Acquisition of the year
  • The 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award of the Year





In many years, Madison Street Capital have helped many clients in hundreds of vertical industries attain their goals in a more timely manner. Their understanding and experiences in the areas of corporate governance and finance have made them the best provider of the financial advisory services. The firm has recently adopted a global view that has given the local businesses an equal emphasis on networks and relationships.



Madison Street Capital has executed all the types of corporate and business financing including early stage businesses, funding for more established firms and early stage businesses. Also, the team is greatly experienced in working capital, growth capital and the accounts receivables financing. Madison Street Capital is headed by Mr. McGaugh. He has a wide experience in the health sector including, pharmaceutical firms, Biotechnology firms, diagnostic imaging firms and Tele-medicine firms.




Madison Street Capital COO Receives A Tremendous Honor From The Industry

Madison Street Capital co-founder and COO Anthony Marsala has been given the honor of being selected as one of The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts 40 under forty for this year. The honor is one of great distinction because of the extensive and competitive selection process that the ncbas goes through to select it’s candidates and then it’s honorees. The list is made up of the forty most promising, accomplished, remarkable, and exciting people under forty who have made their mark or at the very least a lasting impression on any category within the field of accounting and financial consulting. Only the most extraordinary out of a list of highly qualified and remarkable nominees are ultimately chosen and Madison Street Capital is certainly proud to see its high ranking officer qualify to receive such an honor.

Because of their dedication to excellence and innovation in the industry the NACVA only wants to include the best of the best on their lists. It isn’t surprising that Anthony Marsala’s experience and accomplishments helped him standout in such a distinguished crowd of his colleagues. Marsala is a graduate of both Loyola University and Oxford where he studied finance, information systems, and strategy. His education in these fields has served him extremely well in his fifteen years of experience working with Madison Street Capital. Marsala oversees the firm’s interests on several continents and is in charge of MSC’s due diligence and analytical teams that work on all business valuations for Madison Street Capital. Marsala is well versed in business valuations having done countless throughout his career for companies and organizations of various size and in varying industries.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm dedicated to providing its clients with the highest standard of service and expertise. The firm is committed to operating with morality, integrity, and excellence and believes that it’s value of these qualities is what makes the firm standout as a leader in the industry. Madison Street Capital provides it’s clients with corporate financial advisory, access to a global marketplace, and valuation services and serves businesses that are both publicly and privately held. The firm is also able to assist clients in mergers and acquisitions due to its expertise in the area. Madison Street Capital considers the needs and goals of each client in developing its plan to be as effective and successful as possible in working for and with them.

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