Does Wen by Chaz Stand Up to Consumer Testing?

Emily McClure, a self-proclaimed haircare fanatic, was on a mission. Was the hype around Wen ( by Chaz, a cleansing conditioner created by celebrity hair-stylist Chaz Dean, really all it claimed to be? The product certainly sounds revolutionary. It claims not only to clean and detangle hair, but also to give it amazing body, ample protection from daily stress, and stay-in styling stability, all in one application. Emily’s experiment with Wen by Chaz is reported at ( Being a busy young woman with a full-time career and packed schedule, Emily set aside a week to try the product and record its results. Wen by Chaz comes in several different formulas; Emily chose the Sephora advertised Fig, which claims to be especially formulated for dry and dehydrated hair that’s been color-treated or straightened. The trial opened with a shower at bedtime and application of the product. After blow-drying her fine hair, she was delighted with her lustrous, bouncy locks. But next morning Emily was sincerely disappointed that her hair felt heavy and greasy. She soldiered on, however, and repeated the treatment that evening. Again, the result pleased her greatly. Next morning, the heavy and greasy feel had returned. So she showered immediately and the pretty, lustrous hair returned. The message? For Emily, morning showers and application of Wen by Chaz were the secret to success. She ended her experiment with a qualified yes to her original question: Wen by Chaz can indeed make a difference in the way one’s hair looks, feels, and responds to styling.

Chaz Dean developed Wen by Chaz to provide an alternative means of caring for hair. Committed to a philosophy of holistic simplicity that is apparent also in the ambience of his Hollywood salon, Chaz Dean’s products follow suit. In their formulation he has insisted upon using nothing but natural ingredients that avoid the harsh sulfates and chemical detergents used in other shampoos and conditioners. In fact, he has given up the use of shampoo completely, replacing it with kinder and gentler means of cleansing and nurturing hair. His products are available online on