Former Client Gives Wen By Chaz A Shot

I still remember the day like yesterday one of my former clients walked in with amazingly full hair. I was shocked an amazed. I wasn’t doubting that she shouldn’t have pretty hair but I was shocked because I remembered just a few months earlier her hair was fine and very thin so I always struggled to give her the full hair she often desired. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel I was technical enough to do her hair the way she wanted but her hair just wouldn’t hold well to heat or styles so I wasn’t sure how she suddenly had such full hair.

As she sat in m chair she let me know that she had stumbled across an article in Bustle about a blogger who decided to give WEN hair By Chaz a try. This sephora marketed 3 in 1 hair product worked wonders on the bloggers hair as she had first started off with thin and fine hair. By the end of 7 days her hair was the fullest it had ever been. My former client told me it was the article that inspired her to try Wen By Chaz available on Amazon and she was completely satisfied with the results and looking at her I could see exactly why she was.

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