The Life and Works of Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is one of the most established individuals in the game of investment management. He has been in the business for decades now and he is long way from slowing down. Through the years, he has worked for a lot of different companies and a lot of them are big players in the industry. Before his appointment as the newest Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of New Residential Investment Corp., he has worked for these following companies:

5. Lehman Brothers (7 years) – Employee, focused on adjustable rate mortgage sector
6. Bear Stearns (14 years) Held Various Senior Leadership Positions, Head of Interest Rate & Foreign Exchange Trading Operations, Co-Head of Mortgage Backed Securities Trading, Co-Head of Structured Products, Member of Board of Directors (2006 to 2008)
7. JP Morgan – Head of Globalized Securitized Products, Management Committee of the Investment Sector
8. Bank of America Merrill Lynch – Head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products.

With all these extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise under his belt, Michael Nierenberg is the most obvious choice to be the Director of New Residential Investment Corp. Since his appointment, there was nothing but improvements in the system and performance of New Residential Investment Corp. This is nothing short of the expectations from Mike Nierenberg because he is known to be an innovator and is known for his very creative solutions. His skill, expertise and knowledge that accumulated over the years is best utilized in New Residential Investment Corp.

Michael Nierenberg currently has five older executives and three younger executives working under him at New Residential Investment Corp., this includes Douglas Jacobs; 70 years of age and is a Independent Director.

Michael Nierenberg holds causes near and dear to his heart and makes sure he uses his platform to help other people as well. He is also the long time chairman of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation ever since 1996.

Michael Nierenberg is now 55 years old with a net worth of $16.5 million dollars as of this February 2019. Michael Nierenberg owns 60,000 units of New Residential Investment Corp. with a valuation of $16,542,750. This includes the most recent stock he bought in New Residential Investment Corp. worth $990,000.

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Concerning the Milwaukee Bucks – Wes Edens Interview Recap

Wes Edens is the Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, and he had a lot to say in a recent interview with Butcher of Butcher and Friends. Let’s go over some of the highlights of this interview, and see what Wes and the Bucks are up to.

Will Wes Play in an Upcoming Celebrity Game?

The first topic covered was that of the celebrity game in which the other Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, got to have some fun playing out on the court. Wes stated that he saw some of the game on TV, but said he didn’t have much interest in the celebrity game. Despite enjoying a game of basket ball, he said he doesn’t consider himself to be enough of a celebrity to play in this particular event.

What Other Sports does Wes Eden Like?

When questioned about his love for sports, two other activities came up: rock climbing and skiing. In fact, Wes was a competitive skier growing up, and being from a mountainous region, has always loved rock climbing. Last summer he did a climb called the Cathedral Traverse in the Tetons in Jackson Hole. He’s also done a little surfing as well. Overall, Wes Edens seems to be a pretty athletic guy even if basket ball isn’t his main focus.

So, What About the Bucks?

Though they were nearly halfway into the interview before getting to the subject of the Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens was eager to share his thoughts on the team that he co-owns. Firstly, he praised the area for being a hotbed for sports. However, he also was very honest in admitting that the Bucks have somewhat lost their way, and have fallen out of favor. He praised Senator Kohl for being a great steward for the team but expressed concern that a new diction was needed.

The Bucks Moving Forward

As for the future, Wes Edens stated that he feels as if their products is getting better and better, and that the rest of the year will be amazing for the team. He also said that he wants to create an environment that will make people get out of their homes, and watch the team in person rather than enjoying the game on their TV.

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Adam Milstein: Investing Time and Energy into the Success of his Philanthropic Foundations

Adam Milstein is a man who acquired a substantial amount of notoriety for devoting his life via an excessive amount of invested time and energy to establish some of the most prominent and culturally beneficial organizations to the Jewish community. Through his experiences as a child growing up in Haifa, Israel, Milstein developed an extreme sense of appreciation and respect for his culture that embedded his character with the trait of integrity—an honorary feeling that essentially fueled him with the desire to become a cultural philanthropist. Nevertheless, when he arrived to the U.S. in 1981, Adam Milstein immediately set on a course to become the helping hand that many people in the Jewish community could count on for interventional assistance with their overlooked needs.

After graduating from the University of Southern California in 1983 with his MBA, Milstein invested within his career to become one of Hager Pacific Properties’ most financial wise Managing Partners. As of today, with Milstein’s help, the private real estate firm is estimated to have over $2 billion in commercial property value in the U.S. But for Milstein, his most prized work would come to be his personal involvement in the development of pro-Israel organizations—organizations that served the purpose of bettering the lives of Israeli-Americans and thus improving society as a whole. Through his establishment of the Milstein Family Foundation with his wife Gila, Adam Milstein has not only been able to provide financial and medical care to the community, but he has been able to teach the importance of active philanthropy (investing in alternative ways to help others) within the community and he has also been able to enforce the mission of life impact–establishing programs that are intended to grow and impact community members throughout various stages of their lives. Moreover, with Adam Milstein’s invested effort into the founding of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), Milstein has been able to culturally tie American-born Israelis to their heritage in the State of Israel.

For Milstein’s strong sense of passion for the well being of others and his numerous contributions to the Jewish community, he was honored in 2017 as being one of the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the entire world. Today, Adam Milstein enjoys spending personal time being with family and continuing to help those in world to become tomorrow’s future leaders.