The Turmoil In The Middle East Is The Biggest Threat To The European Union According To George Soros


The European Union is facing serious turmoil in countries that have a direct impact on Europe. The destruction in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and sub-Saharan Africa has produced a flood of refugees, and those people want Europe to take them in. The emergence of the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and other radical groups has created major repercussions in Europe. Europe is not handling those repercussion very well, according to the Muslim population in Europe and billionaire humanitarian George Soros. got George Soros to sit down and discuss the pros and cons of the European Union recently, and the 85-year-old didn’t disappoint his fans around the world. Soros is considered the king of hedge fund investors as well as social activists that has created foundations around the world to help people that need political and economic help.

The interviewed was posted on the New York Review of Books website, and readers got a glimpse of how Soros thinks. He is a methodical and focused thinker. He is concerned about the global economy, China’s economic debacle, and the collapse of the European Union. Soros mentions a list of blunders that the EU has managed to create since 1986. Each blunder seems to be worse than the one before, but none of them are more immediately critical to the survival of the EU than the migration crisis.

The danger of homegrown terrorists is now a immediate threat as well as the terrorists that have crossed the open borders of the European Union disguise as asylum-seeking refugees. The open border policy is a fundamental requirement of the EU and that requirement is now considered null and void by most members of the EU. Most of the 28 members of the EU have set up check points at their borders, and many of those nations are turning the refugees away.

Soros believes that is a human rights violation and a win for nationalism. Nationalism is alive and well in Europe in spite of the European Union. Soros believes the EU has fueled the increase in nationalism by rejecting refugees. Soros does think that the number of refugees trying to settle in Europe is a challenge, but there are solutions if the EU wants there to be. The solution to close borders is not a solution, according to Soros. Border closings are fear based reactions to the known brutal acts of terrorism.

Britain is going to vote to leave the European Union in 2016. Most European say that won’t happen, but Scottish nationalism may the catalyst that forces an exit by the United Kingdom. If that happens, the EU will be step closer to the end of a good but mismanaged plan.