Lauren Conrad Wants You To Have A Night To Remember

Lauren Conrad wants you to have a night to remember the next time you throw a party. Of course, you do not want to remember a night filled with stress. That is why Lauren Conrad has put together some easy principles to help you make your next party a peaceful one. All of Lauren’s friends have used these principles, and Lauren herself has used them, too.

Lauren’s first principal is to get a set-up and a clean up team. Stress filled parties always start with racing thoughts regarding how you will set-up and how you will get everything back in order at the end of the party. Lauren has seen many parties, even some of her own parties, fail because of this stress. Lauren believes having this team will decrease your stress level by 80%.

Lauren’s next principle would be for you to have more than enough food and drinks. Another big stress problem is worrying about how many people are coming and if you will have enough food and drinks. Lauren Conrad believes it is best to make more than enough. People will be able to for seconds and even take a plate or two home. Worst comes to worst, you will have extra food for you and your family for the next couple of days.

If you want to free your hands completely, you have the option to hire 23 Layers. 23 Layers is an event planning company that works out of New York City. Their specialty is helping people have fantastic parties. You don’t have to worry about hiring a cleaning crew. This company sets up everything and everything will be clean by the end of the party.

Even better, they always make more food than is ordered at no extra cost to you. They understand people may want another plate of food, a plate of food may fall, or you may even have surprised guests. 23 Layers is prepared for all of this at a very low cost. You can speak with someone over the phone in a no-obligation fashion, and they can start drawing up the plan right after the conversation.

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