Bhanu Choudhrie Believes in Constant Learning

Bhanu Choudhrie, the Founder and Executive Director of London-based C&C Alpha Group Limited, believes that learning never ends and that a university education and the lessens learned on the job in the workplace is not enough given the fact that the global economy is in constant change. In order to ensure that his business prosper and expand in such an economy, Bhanu Choudhrie was eager to find an executive business program that was a match for his business needs in terms of the international expansion of his business operations as well as one that would not conflict with his schedule. He found what he was seeking in the Owner/President Management program. Hence, he enrolled in Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management program, a program that requires three years to complete and which consists of a number of intensive three-week training modules. Read more about Bhanu at

Among the more noteworthy aspect of Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management program is the program use of the case study method. The Owner/President Management program’s case study method explores timely business quandaries and examines how past leaders have responded when under pressure. The case study discussions were quite interesting to say the least given the fact that there were 125 students in the class. As can be imagined, there was no lack of experience nor disagreement circulating around the classroom during those discussions. The class was replete with diverse and eminent individuals who brought their perspectives from their own industries, their own professional circles, and their own governments. The Owner/President Management program provided Bhanu Choudhrie with valuable lessons, which he applied to his business.

Bhanu Choudhrie founded C&C Alpha Group and has been serving as the company’s executive director of the company since 2001. C&C Alpha Group is a holding company that makes investments in the hospitality, healthcare, agriculture, real estate, aviation, utilities, and banking sectors around the world. He was born in New Delhi, India in June 1978. Bhanu Choudhrie attended and graduated from the University of Boston with a Business degree. His other business accomplishment include the co-founding of Megalith Capital Management.

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Agera Energy Gets a New Chief Financial Officer

Agera Energy is an autonomous company, based in the United States. It focuses on the supply of natural gas and electricity. Also, it guides people on how to make viable energy decisions as energy is a major concern to both businesses and also homeowners.

The company was founded in 2014 under the leadership of Geoff Duda and has employed up to 250 employees. Agera Energy offers its services across the United States to not only commercial customers but also residential customers and their current revenue range is under 2 million dollars.

Following the recent announcement of Agera Energy CEO Geoff Duda, Mark Linzebold has joined the team as the new Chief Financial Officer. Mark is described to possess a wide background in the retail energy business. He previously held the position of vice president of business planning and corporate controller strategic unit making him fit for the new position he is holding at Agera Energy.

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How Ashley Brasier Came To Lightspeed Ventures

Ashley Brasier has had a somewhat extensive career before joining Lightspeed Venture Partners. However, in hiring Ashley Lightspeed has put an investment in someone they may rightfully believe who can take the ball and run with it. This is because Ms. Brasier has done exactly that with the positions she’s held in a variety of other companies. One of the most notable of these has been in Silicon Valley with Thumbtack’s product team; there she had worked as a Category Manager. She was also responsible for customer experience and growth within the Events and Weddings categories. See more of Ashley at

However, that doesn’t mean that Ashley Brasier was always on the path she’s on now. Inspired by drawing and prototyping sessions as a child with her father, Ms. Brasier originally began studying architecture. However, she realized that she preferred prototyping businesses rather than buildings. This eventually led her to Thumbtack, where she spent several years helping a variety of clients improve their businesses. It’s also where Ms. Brasier was able to hone further the skills she needed to become successful in the industry. Throughout this time, she also gained experience in areas that she hadn’t anticipated.

One of the most notable of these was when she was first exposed to venture capital. This was when she was working on a fundraising pitch deck at Thumbtack. As a result, Ashley Brasier became fascinated by the practice. However, she wasn’t done with her education and went to study at Stanford GSB. She still kept working, though, and consulted a variety of businesses to help earn her way through college. This is one of the traits in Ashley Lightspeed has noticed; she’s someone committed to helping clients grow their business in a reliable and sustainable way. As such, the clients that she’s helped so far have seen considerable success.

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Edwin Miranda; The Battle Between Consultancy Firms and Advertising Agencies

Creativity and performance are to aspects that cannot be separated in the marketing industry. They have to go hand in hand and operate as a team. This is a statement that Edwin Miranda, CEO, and founder of KOI IXS supports fully. When it comes to marketing, there is normally a struggle between satisfying the needs of the audience and those of the business. This struggle can only be solved by blending creativity and performance, something that the traditional agencies seem to be struggling with. The edge of consultancy firms over ad agencies

Mode of operation

According to Edwin, the mode of operation of consultancy firms gives them an advantage over ad agencies. Consultancies help identify, track and analyze interactions with customers both online and offline then provide solutions based on the analysis of their research. Edwin states that consultancy firms then come up with new possibilities and ways to communicate with the masses. They do not mainly rely on print advertising which is no longer the dominant mode of communicating with people as it used to be.

Creative director’s presence

Another factor that is contributing to the success of consulting firms is the presence of a creative director. Most of the traditional ad agencies have only an art director. Although one may not see how that affects the performance of ad agencies Edwin is of a different opinion. An art director just focuses on tactics and alignments. A creative director, on the other hand, focuses on scale, execution, and analytics. He/she understands the marketplace, and the audience then comes up with a scalable strategy that aligns with the brand. Edwin believes this makes all the difference.

With this modern and assured results mode of operation of consultancy firms, its no wonder that 73% of marketers including Uber, Airbnb and LG are hiring consultancies to attend to their digital marketing needs. With four consultancy firms being featured in the top list of Largest Advertising Firms in 2017, it seems that these firms are not about to slow down.

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Serge Belamant’s Advice To Those In Business

Serge Belamant is an expert in the blockchain technology industry. The French-born entrepreneur relocated to South Africa at 14 years of age after his father went to work in the country as a tiling worker. He studied a course related to computer science and technology in Johannesburg. He has a reputation because of his ability to code thus having a significant impact on the banking sector and other financial institutions.

Serge Belamant founded his first company called Net1 UEPS Technologies that created universal electronic payment systems. VISA approached Belamant in 1995 since they wanted a chip offline pre-authorized card. Before the start of the 21st century, Serge aimed at developing a digital payment software that would be used in South Africa to give grants and finances to the needy. This system now works in countries like Russia and Iraq.

Belamant is the co-founder of Zilch Technologies. His son inspired him to start this company due to the influence of how social media would give the youth financial products. He saw an opportunity because of the use of mobile phones in the world and that is how he brought his idea to reality. He says that it is important for persons to continue learning since it assists in bringing in earnings to one’s business. Having mentors to look up to influences one’s career according to Serge. Learn more about Belamant at

Serge Belamant makes money when designing new products that have a significant impact on an individual’s life. This is a strategy that makes him succeed in business. According to him, failure is good motivation in providing one with information on what to pursue and what to not. Believing in his instincts is a factor that leads to success according to Serge Belamant. The fear of failure makes one not be able to exploit their full potential.

Gaining customers for a product is a quite difficult task. Serge Belamant advises on first building trust with the target population in order to penetrate the market. The word of mouth is a tool that Belamant uses since he believes that old school methods provide a platform for people to share their opinions. Having the drive to understand others is what he thinks keeps him successful at all times.



Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo: Getting Real Estate Help From An Expert

Zeco Auriemo is a successful real estate professional with vast experience in property development. Zeco Auriemo is passionate about walking clients through the process of finding a suitable investment property.

There are many steps involved in locating a property to invest in. Whether you are interested in property development or you want to fix and flip properties, it’s crucial that you have a good understanding of how to find lucrative opportunities.

Once you have found potential investment properties you need to make a shortlist. Next, you need to compare the options available to you. It is important that you take time to tour properties and examine their condition properly. The more information you gather about your potential investment properties, the easier things will be for you when it’s time to make a decision.

When researching real estate professionals or companies, it is crucial to consider their reputation and experience. There are many professionals and firms that have coaching and training programs for beginners and others who want to grow their business.

As one of the top professionals in the real estate industry, Zeco Auriemo has worked with many high-profile clients. Zeco Auriemo focuses on property development and is chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF. He has been with JHSF for many years and is well respected by his clients and peers.

Perhaps you want to learn how things work in property development or another real estate field. Maybe you are a beginner and want to get assistance from a reputable source. Although there are many firms and professional to choose from, it is always advisable to go with an expert in the area you are interested in.

Getting advice or guidance from a professional like Zeco Auriemo is a great way to ensure that you are on the right track.

Concerning the Milwaukee Bucks – Wes Edens Interview Recap

Wes Edens is the Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, and he had a lot to say in a recent interview with Butcher of Butcher and Friends. Let’s go over some of the highlights of this interview, and see what Wes and the Bucks are up to.

Will Wes Play in an Upcoming Celebrity Game?

The first topic covered was that of the celebrity game in which the other Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, got to have some fun playing out on the court. Wes stated that he saw some of the game on TV, but said he didn’t have much interest in the celebrity game. Despite enjoying a game of basket ball, he said he doesn’t consider himself to be enough of a celebrity to play in this particular event.

What Other Sports does Wes Eden Like?

When questioned about his love for sports, two other activities came up: rock climbing and skiing. In fact, Wes was a competitive skier growing up, and being from a mountainous region, has always loved rock climbing. Last summer he did a climb called the Cathedral Traverse in the Tetons in Jackson Hole. He’s also done a little surfing as well. Overall, Wes Edens seems to be a pretty athletic guy even if basket ball isn’t his main focus.

So, What About the Bucks?

Though they were nearly halfway into the interview before getting to the subject of the Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens was eager to share his thoughts on the team that he co-owns. Firstly, he praised the area for being a hotbed for sports. However, he also was very honest in admitting that the Bucks have somewhat lost their way, and have fallen out of favor. He praised Senator Kohl for being a great steward for the team but expressed concern that a new diction was needed.

The Bucks Moving Forward

As for the future, Wes Edens stated that he feels as if their products is getting better and better, and that the rest of the year will be amazing for the team. He also said that he wants to create an environment that will make people get out of their homes, and watch the team in person rather than enjoying the game on their TV.

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Adam Milstein: Investing Time and Energy into the Success of his Philanthropic Foundations

Adam Milstein is a man who acquired a substantial amount of notoriety for devoting his life via an excessive amount of invested time and energy to establish some of the most prominent and culturally beneficial organizations to the Jewish community. Through his experiences as a child growing up in Haifa, Israel, Milstein developed an extreme sense of appreciation and respect for his culture that embedded his character with the trait of integrity—an honorary feeling that essentially fueled him with the desire to become a cultural philanthropist. Nevertheless, when he arrived to the U.S. in 1981, Adam Milstein immediately set on a course to become the helping hand that many people in the Jewish community could count on for interventional assistance with their overlooked needs.

After graduating from the University of Southern California in 1983 with his MBA, Milstein invested within his career to become one of Hager Pacific Properties’ most financial wise Managing Partners. As of today, with Milstein’s help, the private real estate firm is estimated to have over $2 billion in commercial property value in the U.S. But for Milstein, his most prized work would come to be his personal involvement in the development of pro-Israel organizations—organizations that served the purpose of bettering the lives of Israeli-Americans and thus improving society as a whole. Through his establishment of the Milstein Family Foundation with his wife Gila, Adam Milstein has not only been able to provide financial and medical care to the community, but he has been able to teach the importance of active philanthropy (investing in alternative ways to help others) within the community and he has also been able to enforce the mission of life impact–establishing programs that are intended to grow and impact community members throughout various stages of their lives. Moreover, with Adam Milstein’s invested effort into the founding of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), Milstein has been able to culturally tie American-born Israelis to their heritage in the State of Israel.

For Milstein’s strong sense of passion for the well being of others and his numerous contributions to the Jewish community, he was honored in 2017 as being one of the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the entire world. Today, Adam Milstein enjoys spending personal time being with family and continuing to help those in world to become tomorrow’s future leaders.

3 Ways Michael Nierenberg is Redefining the Investment World

Michael Nierenberg is one of the professionals that have been instrumental in restoring sanity and trust in the financial market. Three decades ago, the alternative investment market was not well structured, and this lack of structure led to potential investors looking for alternative options to invest their resources. Fortunately, Nierenberg has been part of the team that has been instrumental in restructuring the financial market and in return attract many investors in this lucrative market. The following are some of the additional factors that make his an essential factor in this growth.

First, he has experience in major companies that have given the investment world a direction in the past 20 years. He was part of the Fortress Company, and during his tenure as the chairperson and a member of the management team, the company made some fundamental changes in their structures. Pundits point out that Michael Nierenberg role in the management team gave the company the status the company enjoys today. Currently, the company is arguably one of the best-structured investment company in the world.

Second, Michael Nierenberg was also key in the operations of both JP Morgan and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The two companies are unique and just like his role in Fortress; he was part of the teams that gave these two entities a firm footing on the investment bank. Nierenberg was in charge of different branches in these institutions, but his role as a manager is evident in all the decisions that he made as a professional. For example, he was not only keen on supervising different projects, but he also acted as an advisor to different issues on the two companies.

Thirdly, Michael Nierenberg has been able to make significant strides in this financial world due to his approach to work. Just like in other investment worlds, this niche requires strong work ethics and different view on productivity. Fortunately, Michael Nierenberg is a perfect example of a professional that has one of the best views on work and more importantly on growth. Over the years, he has pointed out that the future of alternative investment depends on how much work professionals in this area put.

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Ted Bauman Notes the Weaknesses of Amazon

Economist Ted Bauman agrees with the world that Amazon is a giant in the retail industry. However, Bauman emphasizes that Amazon is not a monopoly and that Amazon stockholders need to be aware of the company’s weaknesses.

Bauman points to several reasons that Amazon does not have the characteristics of a monopoly. First, the majority of online shopping (56%) is done with retailers other than Amazon. The company receives less than one-twentieth of the retail income generated in the United States because 90% of the country’s shopping dollars still go to brick and mortar stores. Ted Bauman notes that due to competition, Amazon has not developed the traits of monopolies that consumers hate most: poor customer service and high prices.

Ted Bauman believes Amazon has several weaknesses that should concern Amazon stockholders. First, the economist says that due to the large volume of consumer data Amazon holds, the retailer is vulnerable to data security threats. Next, politicians, including the President, have said that Amazon engages in unfair business practices such as pressuring shipping services to lower prices because they cannot afford to lose Amazon as a customer. While trade and tariff wars could hurt Amazon’s stock price, Ted Bauman believes there’s a greater risks to holding Amazon stock. Since the company uses its profits to expand its business rather than pay dividends to stockholders, the only way to make money from Amazon stock is to sell it. That fact increases the likelihood that investors would dump Amazon shares if rumors of trouble arise about the company.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Report, which covers wealth preservation strategies for over 100,000 subscribers. He also writes Smart Money and Alpha Stock Alert, which are based on the trading system he created. He was born and raised in the United States but went to live in South Africa as a young man. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in economics and history. Ten years ago Bauman returned to the United States and lives in Atlanta.

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