Rocketship Education: Harnessing a Three Pronged Approach Against the Achievement Gap

In 2006 Education experienced a major breakthrough when Rocketship Education was founded. This collective was created in response to an alarming achievement gap between low income and upper-class schools. The founders of Rocketship Education believe passionately that every child in the United States has a right to the quality education required for them to reach their potential. Naturally with convictions like that the concept of the achievement gap was offensive beyond a tolerable level. So they established a Charter school system and made it their mission to destroy the achievement gap in our lifetime.

Understanding the magnitude of such a mission Rocketship Education studied the problem further. What they found was that lower-income students face a plethora of extra stressors that can make it difficult for them to focus on their education. In order to address this factor, Rocketship Education developed a three-approach system. Their first step is perhaps the most obvious, but essential beyond explanation. They begin with quality staff ready to share their knowledge of fundamental fields such as Mathematics and Sciences. From there they train staff members on how to provide a personalized education to every student. This begins with meeting students and their parents in their home before the school year begins. It is the teacher’s mission to get to know their future students as well as their parents so that they can design lessons best suited for the child.

This meeting also has the added benefit of starting phase two of Rocketship Education’s approach, parental involvement. Parents active involvement in their child’s education can serve an essential role in keeping students encouraged and on track. Some studies have even suggested it is a key determining factor in a child’s success. Finally, Rocketship Education builds a relationship with the community through support. Flooding hit San Jose in the spring of 2017 leaving many Rocketeer’s families with nothing, struggling to figure out how they would recover. Rocketship education stepped in and raised $62,000 towards relief. This money aided families with basics such as clothing and rental deposits on new housing. Without this final step in Rocketship Education’s approach students would have been unable to remain focused on their education due to the instability.