Campaign Innovation, Campaign Excellence: NGP Van

Have you ever wondered why some campaigns have an edge over others? Have you ever looked at one campaigns technology and then looked at the other and noticed a stark difference between the two? Allow me to introduce you to one of the reasons this is such. The answer can be summed up in a name…NGP Van.

Since the beginning of campaign competition between Democrats and Republicans as well as other notable political factions, the need for a competitive edge has always proved successful. NGP VAN realized the need for a technological advancement for the Democratic party at large. Such advancements in technology has helped most of our recent Democratic successes from the President of the United States to local Governors, mayor’s, and various council members as well. To say it plainly, NGP VAN has developed a web tool as well as mobile tools to run a successful campaign. One such innovation is called MiniVAN, with MiniVAN, a campaign organizer can develop and draw out plans of action to be delivered to the canvassers who execute such plans. But the technological innovation doesn’t stop there because the canvasser armed with a smartphone has the ability to open up the organiser’s directions and put into practice the very plans created.



By putting into action it is meant the canvasser is able to have a local map of the designated area to be canvassed, notes can be entered on a smartphone, interactions with the population can also be counted for as well. With such ease of interaction, the need for paper and pen is done away with. This is just one-way NGP VAN has elevated the Democratic Party to heights never-before-seen.


Campaign contributions and donations are also a very decisive factor when it comes down to successful political formations. With NGP VAN, the political party has the ability to not only track campaigns and donations but also report them as well. With NGP VANs technological contributions, campaigns have done away with the traditional paper, ink pens, file folders, traditional calculators, Etc. Armed with innovative a web tool, the party has the ability to seamlessly track spending as well as account for funding to the political party. More often than not there has been much upheaval in the world of donations to a political party and this is where NGP VAN has stepped in to solve such a dilemma today.

Campaign success is vital and NGP VAN has innovative ways to bring success.