The Best Cookware Brand


Every kitchen needs a good set of cookware brands, but not everyone knows that it can make all the difference in the quality of what is being prepared. It can be a daunting task to know what brands to look for, especially if the chef is a new one!


The top notch household name, even if Food Network isn’t a staple in their homes, is All-Clad. All-Clad is a company based in Pennsylvania that specializes in stainless steel cookware. The pots and pans are formed by the different metals being ‘layered’ on top of one another, sometimes even using copper, creating a surface that allows for complete and even cooking. While the pieces can be purchased individually, buying the set is generally more wallet friendly. For around $999.99 a 10 piece set featuring two fry pans, two sauce pans, a stockpot, a sauté pan, and 4 lids. This is an expensive investment, but with proper care this set can last the lifetime of a cook.


For those who want the quality of All-Clad, yet don’t want the price tag, there is a solution! In 2000 All-Clad teamed up with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse to create a brand of ‘Emeril’ cookware. The stainless steel set offer the same quality as it’s more expensive, brother, yet can be found for less than $400. Often with extra items included.


Either set is a fine investment that can drastically change the food created and help home chefs create restaurant quality dishes for years to come.  Pair that with one of the best refrigerator brands and you’re good to go.