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To make it in the fashion industry is no joke, especially at times when Amazon is taking a 20% control of the e-commerce market. But Kate Hudson of Fabletics is making a name in the fashion sector. Her business has been experiencing a tremendous expansion in the past three years and has been growing at $250 million. The fashion company has been using a subscription mechanism to sell to its customers. The organization uses a simple principle; they already have the knowledge of what their clients want, and they combine their customers desire with suitability. They team knows their target audience like brands that are encouraging.

High-value brands are known to be expensive and of high quality, but recent studies have shown that the combination does not lead to success and it is also not enough to remain in the competition. In its place, things like customer experience, brand appreciation, last-mile-services, gamification elements as well as high-class design are among the significant determiners of building a high-value brand to the current clients in the fashion industry.

Fabletics have been expanding recently, likening themselves to companies like Apple and Warby Parker. This positioning has been of great benefit to them as they can pay for the membership brand and the firm will be opening new physical stores to add to the sixteen stores that they operate in Hawaii, California, Florida, as well as Illinois. According to the General Manager of Fabletic Gregg Throgmartin, the success of the fashion company is attributed to them building and re-imagining a high-class brand from the first day the organization was established. Gregg also mentioned that their membership model is what has enabled them to deliver tailor made services at the half price of their competitors. Mr. Gregg knows well it is much easier to make people happy if one knows what they want.

Fabletics is an online fashion company that deals with women’s sportswear. Fabletics which was founded in 2013 by Cofounders Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler is a subsidiary of JustFab which recently re-branded to the TechyStlye Fashion Group in August 2016. In 2015 the sports fashion house launched their men’s sportswear with Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson. Fabletics has been experiencing a spectacular growth since it was established and within a few years of its existence, it went beyond the manufacturing of sportswear to manufacturing swimsuits and dresses. Fabletics is dedicated to delivering quality products and services to their customers. The organization makes continuous efforts to generate clothes that inspire their clients to remain active in whatever activity. Fabletics is all about inspiration and high-quality designs.

Kate Hudson is the Cofounder of Fabletics; she is also an actress, a mother and a fashion tastemaker. Kate is very passionate about living healthy and inspiring other women to live the same life something that led him to co-found Fabletics. Kate’s mission is to make Activewear as she makes the associating lifestyle more reachable to women. According to her the importance of living healthy is simplicity and positivity.

JustFab Goes Plus Size

It is more than safe to say that The Curvy Fashionista is totally pumped for the release of the JustFab plus size collection. In a recent post on The Curvy Fashionista site, she explains that the collection announced by JustFab is more than just a few uninspired items. Rather, she is looking forward to the bright colors, soft fabrics and trendy designs that make up the JustFab plus size collection released for this season. The post includes a preview of some of the hot options for this spring and summer that JustFab is featuring in its new plus size clothing line. With a wide range of plus size clothing options, including casual and essential clothing items, JustFab is offering plenty of choices to fall in love with this new plus size collection. The sizes of the collection go all the way up to size 3X or 22-24. They are all available for purchase online from the JustFab site.
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JustFab has been catching on fire in recent years as a major online fashion retailer. This new announcement of its plus size collection goes to show that the retailer has quickly become a major player in the online fashion world. It is constantly releasing new clothing, shoe and accessory items to keep pace with current trends and give its shoppers plenty of trendy choices to choose from. Part of what has contributed to the almost overnight success of JustFab is that if offers incredibly reasonable prices. Through its VIP membership service, pieces in the new plus size collection start at just $22.95.

One of the benefits that JustFab online customers seem to love about the company is that they can get recommendations from a personal online stylist. By completing a personal style quiz upon signing up for the VIP monthly membership option, members get to give their personal stylist a glimpse into their style and preferences so that they can choose items best suited for their wardrobe. It is also convenient that customers can pair their outfit choices with fun and trendy shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim all in one place online.

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