Dr. Clay Siegall; a Specialist in Biotechnology

Dr. Clay Siegall was inspired to start a biotech firm by the desire to overcome nature’s cause, disease. While undertaking his studies in zoology, one of his family members contracted cancer and its treatment was more severe on him than the disease itself.

He specifically got interested in coming up with a treatment that would be friendlier to cancer patients. He has ever since carried out extensive research and has come up with new development in cancer treatment.

He was also motivated by making money in the sector but this was not his primary motivation. This is because at some point, he could come across financial constraints but this did not stop him from moving on.

In his leadership at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall led in raising its capital. He was able to develop a strategy that helped in securing over $ 1.2 billion through private and public financing, including the initial capital that the company had raised in 2001.

Dr. Clay and the firm are able to generate income from sale of their own drugs, production partnerships and licensing of processes and technologies they have developed. For the firm to break even and start generating profits, it took a period of 10 years.

The firm has a special team of sales persons who are highly qualified with an excellent knowledge in biotech. The firm brought in the team to help in selling its products and in bringing in more customers.

Seattle Genetics has a unique marketing strategy since it deal with unique products. The secret behind its success is hard work and passion found in its employees.

At the University of Maryland, Dr. Clay graduated with a science degree in zoology and received his Ph.D. in genetics from the University of George Washington.

Together with Mathew Fust, Dr. Clay has been appointed as independent board members of Ultragenyx, a biopharmaceutical company. They have been appointed as a result of their proven deep knowledge and expertise to help in driving the company.

Apart from co-founding and working at the Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall has worked with other research pharmaceuticals and institutes.