George Soros: A Truly Self-Made Billionaire

George Soros is one of the most powerful hedge fund managers on earth. Born into a Hungarian Jewish family in 1930, Soros has vivid memories of the German occupation of his home country during World War II. This early experience with discrimination would later shape Soros’ political opinions. Thankfully, Soros was able to flee Nazi-occupied Hungary and earned a place in the U.K.’s prestigious London School of Economics. In order to afford the tuition at this school, Soros worked as both a waiter and railway porter in Britain. Soros graduated with both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in philosophy from London School of Economics in 1954 as seen on Biography. Just a few months after graduation, Soros joined the financial team at Singer & Friedlander as a clerk. After a few years working at Singer & Friedlander in London, Soros decided to move to New York City and work as an arbitrage trader for F.M. Mayer. In 1969, Soros established his own hedge fund, now called Quantum Fund. Soros now heads Soros Fund Management, which currently has around $30 billion in assets.

Perhaps even more famous than his trading strategies, Soros is known around the world for his vocal support of liberal and social justice causes reported on Politico. Most recently, Soros has pledged to spend $500 million of his own money helping companies in Europe employ and train refugees. Soros has also donated $3 million to a Hispanic super PAC aimed at helping American immigrants have their say in the democratic process. It’s currently estimated that Soros’ Open Society Foundations have given $5 billion to hundreds of social justice organizations around the world. A few of these organizations on include the Arab American Institute, the Ruckus Society, the Institute for America’s Future, and the People for the American Way. Soros has also been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump. To combat rise in hate speech and hate crimes across the USA, Soros has donated millions of dollars to social justice organizations across the nation.

Soros was number 23 on Forbes’ 2016 list of the richest people on the planet. He is now considered by Forbes to be a truly self-made man with an official score of ten out of ten. His real time net worth is currently around $25 billion. Soros lives with his third wife Tamiko Bolton in Katonah, New York. He has a total of five children.

More Than A CEO: Anthony Petrello

Just who is Anthony G. Petrello? This American millionaire was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but today has built himself up to be one of North America’s most successful businessmen.

From his working-class upbringing in Newark, New Jersey, Petrello has reached incredible heights. In the 2015 Financial Year, he earned more than $27.5 million, after a pay cut. A look at his story will help us understand him and his how he achieved success.

From a math prodigy in college, to a philanthropist and now an Executive Officer, Petrello has certainly worn a lot of different hats. A few years ago, he worked at a prestigious law firm in New York City. He continues to take interest in legal proceeding to this day, and is truly passionate about the field.

Petrello’s firm, Baker & Mackenzie often represents Fortune 500 companies, and have been in business for over a century. Later he would begin to take on executive positions, joining the Board of Trustees at a Texas children’s hospital. Today, Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, a Canadian logistics and drilling corporation that has created almost 27,000 jobs.

Petrello has made an constant effort to give back to Nabors, cutting his salary down by more than 50%. To avoid laying of staff, while still looking out for shareholders, Petrello selflessly took a pay cut that helped Nabors navigate a difficult year. A generous man, a businessman and simply a man, Petrello will continue to lead Nabors, and Canadian industry for years to come.

Josh Verne business tips and advice

There is this common goal in life shared by many people all around the world to own their own successful business. It is a goal (or dream) that not every one gets to experience. Only those are hard working get a taste of what being your own boss feels like.


In a recent podcast with the CEO of Josh Verne shares his experiences and tips for those looking to run a business. He has been working on developing startups for nearly twenty years.


There are two different leadership positions one can have at a company. There are the leaders and then the bosses. Both are considered the ones running a company, but how they run the company is different. A boss usually runs with a self-centered attitude doing what he or she thinks is in the best interest of the company. It may be an unpopular opinion but what they say goes.


A leader who is someone who naturally wants to be respected and take charge when others are struggling. A leader puts the employees and other staff members before his self interests. They typically spend less time arguing with employees and trying to succeed.


A successful business owner should always be listening to input from employees, mangers, and other successful business owners. That is how we grow. The more people realize you are listening more than speaking the more credibility you earn.


Find out more about your passions.


Josh Verne has served as the CEO and primary leader for for five years. His company uses a wide range of algorithms and tools to determine how likely a borrower is able to pay back a loan. Then his company can give out the loans. There is a 0% financing rate for all loan plans up to 12 months.

The Continued Work of Don Ressler

Entrepreneur, Don Ressler is known for Co-Founding the business, Fabletics – focused on activewear. A recent article published in write about the benefits of Fabletics. This article as well as other online articles about Ressler highlight his success as an entrepreneur. They highlight his achievements and his positive work in the business market.

The Fabletics article in discusses the benefits of activewear, which started with actress, Kate Hudson. She came up with the idea of activewear in order to promote health and wellness on The 4 factors to promoting this brand and are keys to partnership, according to the article, are vertical integration, create meaningful relationship with others, give customers a reason to come back, and improve as you grow. The article highlights these 4 factors, addressing how each is important in order to develop a successful business model and partnership.

With vertical integration, the article in tells of how quickly Fabletics works, while also maintaining a high standard. Another factor that is pivotal to Fabletics business model is building customer relationships, giving them a reason to come back. The article mentions how Fabletics have prospective VIPs take a quiz, which helps Fabletics offer members a personal style. Giving customers a reason to come back is pivotal to Fabletics online market on Crunchbase, offering limited editions styles for members. The article mentions how it helps keep the demand, making customers want it more. The last factor in the article mentions the importance of Fabletics continued growth. Part of their effort to continually grow, Fabletics underwent a design and changed how it communicates with customers. It put a focus on how to communicate with customers.

The success of Fabletics is not without Co-Founder, Don Ressler. In an interview with Ressler, he discusses how he realized with his business partner Adam Goldberg a huge market in activewear. Furthermore, Ressler discusses how Fabletics is built with the highest quality, making the product as competitive as Lululemon or other brands. He also mentions how Fabletics recently launched FLD, activewear for men. Ressler proves how he can build a successful business with Fabletics.


Jim Hunt Announces Plans to Make His Mother a Millionaire

Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and CEO of VTA Publications in Norfolk. His vast experience in the global market trends has led to great accomplishment in the stock exchange. As an expert in stocks and bonds, Jim has his focus on the average investor where he shows them on the best way to make successful investments on He is renowned for his success in trading in both a bear and bull markets. Hunt has taken to YouTube to translate sales, predicting trades as well as provide reliable information to the investors worldwide.

VTA Publications

Jim Hunt VTA Publications serves as the CEO of VTA Publications which a leading non-fiction publisher. Since its inception, it has been providing innovative economics and financial information to many customers all over the world. They provide information through the publication of long-distance courses as well as host events on different genres. Additionally, the company gives information to investors and independent thinkers on how the complex financial institutions operate. They also disclose the secrets that most big businesses do not want others to know through their booklets and CDs.

Interview with Ideamnesch

Speaking to Ideamensch, Jim Hunt advises the other entrepreneurs to listen to people actively and have some deep knowledge of human psychology. Jim Hunt also uses direct mail to converse with his clients, therefore, saving time used in trying to figure out about his target audience on PRNewsChannel. Additionally, he talks about the importance of spending life with the family towards achieving success in life. He advises any entrepreneur seeking to have a successful career in business to read “Rich Dap Poor Dad” to understand how money works and how it should work for them.

Make mum a millionaire

Jim Hunt made an announcement of his quest to make his mother a tax-free millionaire through his stock trading system. In the systems that he has created, Mr. Hunt will use a proprietary method to hunt down the stocks and run them as they continue increasing. He, however, clarifies that this system does not rely heavily on how the trading of the stock but on acquiring one that will bring more profits. Jim Hunt will continue posting his progress on YouTube for people to learn.