Roberto Santiago Understands Shopping and Investments

Roberto Santiago is a widely known businessman located in Brazil. That’s due to the fact that he owns Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. He’s the business’ namesake as well. Manaira Shopping Mall is in João Pessoa, Brazil. Santiago actually has the distinction of being among the large South American nation’s most famed businessmen. People in the country are often familiar with his face and achievements alike. This entrepreneur is extremely proud of his work with Manaira Shopping Mall. It has a convenient location in his beloved hometown as well. Santiago is a tradition of sorts in João Pessoa.


People who live in Paraiba frequently flock to Manaira Shopping Mall to accommodate all sorts of needs. Manaira Shopping Mall is a haven for people who are interested in retail therapy and all kinds of exciting and thrilling shopping opportunities. It’s also a haven for people who are interested in pure entertainment. Fans of recreation often can’t resist heading to Manaira Shopping Mall. People sometimes visit the mall on their own. They frequently visit it with their closest friends and family members, too. The mall is a popular destination for social gatherings of all varieties.


João Pessoa was Santiago’s place of birth. That’s the reason it’s a place that’s so close to his heart. He studied at Pio X-Marist College. After that, he enrolled at the University Centre of João Pessoa. He learned all about business at the institution of higher learning. It provided him with a business bachelor degree, too. That degree has proved to be highly useful throughout the successful entrepreneur’s long career. Santiago secured a position with Café Santa Rosa. This was the name of a firm that specialized in décor. His goal in working with Café Santa Rosa was to begin his career in earnest. He made the decision to exit his position there after a while. This was because he wanted to do more in business. He established Cartonnage Company. Santiago started out by focusing on carton sales. He created cartons that were produced using cardboard. Cartonnage Company expanded after some time, too. It eventually started to create a range of decorative items.


Cartonnage Company became a bona fide success after some time. That’s exactly when Santiago made the leap and entered the real estate investment realm. He realized quickly, too, that he was intelligent to do so. Santiago is a businessman who has a lot of drive and devotion. He’s an entrepreneur who is always more than willing to put in hard work and effort. That’s one of the many reasons he’s been such a capable and admired real estate investor throughout the years. That’s also why he’s been such an undeniable force in the massive business universe.


Market America products

Market America is an Internet marketing and product brokerage company with interests in product distribution around the world. The company was founded in 1992 as a brainchild of James Howard – a renowned Amway distributor, and Loren, his wife. The company has its headquarters in Greensboro NC and has acted as a source of employment to over 600 people globally.

Ever since its inception, Market America has expanded its wings across the world and has opened branches in Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico, United Kingdom and most recently Malaysia. To improve operations, the company partnered with IMirus in 2008 to produce magazines, books, and catalogs in printed forms. Later on, in 2010, Market America purchased a shopping comparison firm prompting it to change its domain name from to and as a result expanded its outputs.

Among Market America products include, pet cares, weight management amenities, personal care (royal spa &skintelligence), Isotonix for health and nutrition, garden care items, jewelry, water filters among others. Some of the services the company offers include providing of internet marketing services for medium and small-sized firms and personal financial management.

The company strictly works in partnership with independent manufacturing companies to market their products. It then uses business entities or individual persons who may be operating online retailing websites to reach those products to consumers. For individual distributors, a monthly and startup fee is a requirement to affect operations.

The distributors earn their income through commissions. The more the sales professionals you have, the more you earn hence Market America`s partners are encouraged to recruit as many sale agents as possible. As of June this year, the fees for a startup distributor was $399 blended with a monthly subscription fee of $129. Though the representatives operate independently, Market America requires them to spend between $130 and $300 on their products and as well attend training and seminars organized by the Company.

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George Soros’ Approach to Life After Donald Trump

The United States political scene has been almost hard to watch but impossible to look away from over the better part of the past year. The rise of Donald Trump as a real political personality in the USA has turned the entire scope of the machine upside down. The 2016 Presidential Election will surely go down in the history books not just for the change in how American citizens view the system, but also for everything that came after. What people won’t forget, ever, is how George Soros returned to make his voice heard in order to try to steer the country in the right direction in the face of the billionaires and Wall Street executives that comprised Donald Trump’s platform.

George Soros is, of course, a billionaire himself. Born in Hungary, Soros has lived in New York City for the better part of the past fifty years. Soros is one of the most brilliant investors in the world and his work at the Soros Hedge Fund has been something to watch and pay attention to. Soros likely isn’t going to be remembered for his work with the hedge fund and instead is going to be fondly looked back on as a fighter for the people and one of the most important progressive voices of his generation. Donald Trump, the man propped up by the Republican party and the GOP, stands for essentially the opposite of everything we just listened. You can see why George Soros would be compelled to leap into the fight.

To say that George Soros and Donald Trump don’t get along would be an understatement. Trump is a firebrand who uses violent, nationalistic rhetoric in order to try and get his point across. In fact, it got so bad that Soros claimed that Trump was inadvertently “doing the work of ISIS” by becoming a fearmongerer. Soros jumped into the election campaign in order to back Hillary Clinton’s run for President. Soros would come out and donate nearly $25 million to her campaign as well as a slew of other progressive party candidates. His work didn’t go unnoticed and several other high earning investors jumped back into the fray to follow his lead. Getting Soros back wasn’t just a shot in the arm for this election season, but also a powerful motivator for future election campaigns as well.George Soros hasn’t been sitting idly by prior to jumping into the election campaign for Clinton. In fact, he had been busy at work helping local elections by way of his Open Society Foundations. The OSF believes in grassroots activism in communities big and small with the focus of putting power back in the hands of the people so they can claim what they deserve.

Sawyer Howitt: The One And Only

As the Millennials come of age, it remains fascinating to see what impact they will have on society. As the world progresses into virtually a computer “motherboard,” Millennials have so many resources at their disposal. Unlike the previous generation, Millennials grew up in the age of the “iPhone.” Furthermore, numerous technological advances have taken place. As Sawyer Howitt comes of age, it gives countless people hope for a better future. Not only does Sawyer possess wisdom beyond his years, he also remains someone with the ability to positively change the world.

As a senior in high school, it remains interesting to see what kind of man he will grow into. So far, the results remain favorable. Aside from his talent as a racquetball player, Sawyer remains endowed in numerous areas. When not studying for a test, Sawyer Howitt remains hard at work preparing spreadsheets for the company that he leads. Should his job position provide an indication of the direction that he remains headed in, it looks like Sawyer Howitt will become an extremely successful entrepreneur.

Moreover, Sawyer Howitt works as the project manager of Meriwether Group. In addition, his father founded the company. Therefore, it remains easy to say that good business runs in his family. In addition, Sawyer remains actively involved in his community. When Sawyer does not have any homework or spreadsheets to make, he spends much of his time serving his community as a role model. Moreover, he remains an avid supporter of the women’s rights movement.

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Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory Help Match Entrepreneurs With Opportunity

Mike Baur is one of the Chief Executive Officer’s and co-founders for the Swiss Startup Factory company. Since launching in 2014, the company has been working to help young entrepreneurs get started with their journey to find success and start their own businesses. The company has built up a large network that allows them to collaborate and offer opportunities to people on an international level. They offer an accelerator program to help their clients for a three month span, during which the client is coaching and mentored with the proper strategies for building and maintaining a business.


The Swiss Startup Factory not only tries to help young entrepreneurs get started, but they also try to help them build networks of their own. They want help take startup ideas and make them a reality for these young business people. They also want to help existing businesses stay in business by steering them int he right direction and teaching them the methods to build over the long term. The Swiss Startup Factory provides one of the best accelerator programs in the business, which goes the extra mile to ensure each clients is coached and mentored with the proper methods. Oliver Walzer, Max Meister, and Mike Baur, the founders of the company, made this their mission when they first launched their company. Over the course of the companies expansion and growth, many people have been involved to help Mike’s vision come true.


When it comes to private banking and investing, Mike Baur is a highly regarded expert, as he has spent more than 20 years in the industry building his experience in Switzerland. Today he stands as a member of the executive board at one of the most prestigious private banks in Switzerland. Since the Swiss Startup Factory was first launched, is has managed to come a long way and help many people, which has made it one of the leading accelerator companies within Switzerland today that is privately funded. Mike Baur has no plans on stopping yet either, as he wants to continue to build his company and the opportunities he offers to young people and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Mike Baur- The Ultimate Entrepreneur

There are many different businesses and businessmen out there looking for potential funds and investments to either start or grow their dreams. Mike Baur is truly someone who tries to help people accomplish their dreams. A Swiss entrepreneur and businessman, he has been working in banking for the past few decades. He has worked for leaders in the industry including Clariden Leu and Sallfort. After gaining substantial knowledge and experience in the industry, he left these companies to begin investing in startup companies. In 2014 he founded the Swiss Startup Factory with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Baur even attended the START Summiteer, where people came to pitch various ideas for startup companies in a competition for funding from the Swiss Startup Factory. There, Baur witnessed firsthand the work his Swiss Startup Factory could accomplish with these young budding businessmen.


Since starting the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur has partnered his new factory with several major companies and businesses in an effort to acquire more funding for the startup companies funded by the Swiss Startup Factory. Since 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory has been based in Zurich looking for the best and brightest young digital entrepreneurs with the drive and talent to take their companies to the next level. Swiss Startup Factory has an extensive network of connections in Switzerland and around the globe to help the young entrepreneurs make their dreams come true and change the world. The Swiss Startup Factory has pioneered a three month accelerator program. Here, a platform is provided for coaching, services, mentoring, and logistical help such as office space in the heart of one of the major cities of the world along with an extensive network to help these individuals realize their dreams.


While there are many individuals out there with the means to help fund and mentor young talent, Mike Baur has truly done this. He has taken his time and money to actually develop an organization that fosters young talent with the resources and drive to succeed. Baur derives from firsthand knowledge and experience with starting companies to pass down his wisdom to the generation coming up behind him. Under his leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has helped develop countless young entrepreneurs who have worked hard to achieve their dreams and change the world. Baur’s commitment to startup companies and young businesses is unparalleled with the results and track record to back it up.


A Sweet Setup: Sweetgreen and Cofounder Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru and his friends spent their college downtime searching tirelessly for quick yet healthy food options. But if you have to search for something enough, and to no avail- the most efficient answer lies in creating the answer yourself. And thus, his senior year at Washington D.C.’s Georgetown University, the idea for Sweetgreen was born. Some eight years later, the convenient but health-conscious concept initially housed in a single, 520 square-foot tavern downtown, has burgeoned into a successful and stylish chain that continues to maintain its farm-to-table freshness it all started with.


Sweetgreen’s core is a sweet setup all the way around, and not just in its hefty salad offerings (kale, mesclun, cabbage, spinach, quinoa, romaine, wild rice, farro, or arugula for your base?). The restaurant was built on being healthy for both customer and the earth, and accordingly, sustainability is crucially emphasized. Besides sourcing produce locally, this stress on sustainability can also be witnessed in the raw architecture of each individual store. Examples of such include bits of reclaimed hickory, barn board pine, and even bowling alley tables. How’s that for recycling?


Likewise, Sweetgreen is more than just a trendy, metro dive for smoothies and quinoa; it’s an experience. Sweetgreen stresses the importance of community, and as such, makes certain to partner with local farmers and producers as much as possible. Community, however, is not just built in the background for this prospering establishment, but in the foreground. Besides an array of sit-down salads to choose from, Sweetgreen also contends a pretty impressive line of juices, keeping its atmosphere social. The chain strives for outreach in schools to educate kids about fitness and the benefits of healthy eating. Sweetgreen now also sponsors their own musical festival, Sweetlife, with this year’s headliners including The 1975, Halsey, Flume, Blondie, Grimes, and Wolf Alice. The fest doesn’t discriminate on its food lineup either, featuring offerings from both Sweetgreen and -in the truest sense of community- other fresh and local juicers, bakers, grillers, sushi-rollers, and crepiers alike.


It’s no wonder why this keen conglomerate of quality business and marketing got Nathaniel Ru and his Sweetgreen comrades featured in Forbes magazine 30 Under 30 for Food and Wine, in addition to Wine Magazine’s 40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under. His endeavor to present a product true to its core values through and through is obvious, and no matter the amount of locations that spring up, he plans to keep it that way. Ru has successfully combined passion with trade, and in searching for his own well-being, has created a more ease-of-access outlet of well-being for others for a sweet experience that values both deliciousness and sustainability.



The Work Of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a graduate of Cornell University. He has acquired a PhD, Masters and a Bachelor in engineering. He also hold a number of patents, which includes telecommunication and media. Kheradpir was on the advisory board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and Cornell University Engineering Council.

In 2015, Coriant made Shaygan Kheradpir their Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. This role is not new to him, he has been prepping for his debut for quite awhile. He is coming from the Marlin Equity Partners, which is a Private Equity Company and Coriantis it’s parent company. Coriant is a combination of Nokia, Tellabas and part of the Sycamore Networks.

Coriant is elated to have him take over this new position because they know that he can only be a valuable asset to the company and can take them to incredible heights. Kheradpir comes with twenty eight years of experience in telecommunication, technology and financial services. He began at GTE Laboratories, which is now known as Verizon, after a merge with Bell Atlantic.While there he was responsible for routing, management and control before he was appointed as Chief Information Officer. He was also known as the man who kept his promises on timely delivery.

Kheradpir has also worked at Barclays in the capacity of Chief Operations and Technology Officer, additionally as a member of their Executive Committee. He headed up there transform program. They wanted customers to make them their “Go to Bank”. It changed how they did business and also explained exactly what their business was about. Under his tenure there were one hundred and fifty thousand employees working in fifty countries globally. At one time he worked for Juniper Networks, there he focused on cloud building and high IQ Networking. To read more about Kheradpir, visit:

Coriant began operations in 2013 and have their headquarters in Munich, Germany and another in Naperville, Illinois in the United States. The telecommunication company make sure that the network that companies are using preforms well and is efficient to meet their demands. Their services also include consultations, engineering methods and so much more. Their execution is based on their customers performance. The company offers their customer many different options. So whatever option the customer chooses, Coriant makes sure that it compliments and meet their business goals.

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How The Midas Legacy Can Help Improve Your Life

If you have been struggling to handle your investing or financial management tasks on your own, you know how difficult it can be. Without expert guidance, you can waste valuable time and even risk losing a lot of money in the process. It is advisable to turn the responsibility of researching opportunities over to someone else. Hiring the expertise of a wealth management firm is the right way to do it.

The Midas Legacy is a well known company in the area of wealth management advisory. The company has been around for many years and has provided services to clients around the globe. Their database of satisfied clients and customers keeps growing at an astronomical rate and is proof that the company knows what it’s doing.

People want to have reliable guidance and advice when it comes to investments, wealth management, financial solutions and related matters. It is advisable to rely on a company that has a track record of rendering high quality financial solutions and wealth management advisory to clients.

The Midas Legacy’s clients and members include individuals who are looking for ways to make more money, start a business, invest in the stock market, get into the real estate industry, or manage their wealth. These people are either beginners in the field of wealth building, or they have already started and are looking for ways to diversify their assets or increase their wealth.

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Want real wealth? Trick your brain…

Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Some of their members are those who are looking for effective treatments or cures for various diseases and health conditions. There are also those who simply want to maintain optimal health and live a happier life.

The Midas Legacy is fully committed to providing life enhancing and enrichment products and solutions, as well as advice on certain issues to meet their members’ needs. If you fall into any of these categories of people, rest assured that the resources provided by The Midas Legacy can be of benefit to you.

The business systems, wealth building solutions, health improvement products and life enhancement information provided by The Midas Legacy, are designed by experts in their various fields. If you have any questions, simply contact The Midas Legacy, and their experts can assist you further.

To join The Midas Legacy, have a look around their website and follow the links to their sign-up page and you can be on your way to a richer, more fulfilling life.

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Securus Technologies To Highlight Integrity Issues With Global Tel Link

As a leading provider of communications technology to criminal justice institutions across North America, Securus has recently been involved in highlighting issues of security with Global Tel Link, says a PR Newswire report. In an industry where integrity is at the cornerstone of its core business objective, Securus takes these wrongdoings quite seriously. They see it reflecting poorly on the industry as a whole. As a result, they are taking actions to provide documents and findings that highlight a variety of wrong doings and breaches of integrity at the hands of Global Tel Link in regards to its inmate communications systems. See,

The CEO of Securus recently reiterated his love for the inmate communications industry. Their firm is committed to providing those held in a correctional institution with a way to safely and securely communicate with friends and loved ones. This provides a much needed connection with the outside world, and he is proud to be a part of a firm that is dedicated to implementing the latest technology to make that happen. As a result, he is quite troubled that Global Tel Link is not living up to the high standards of integrity that are required in this industry, and he is pushing to see something done about it.

View the company profile on

At the present time, Securus is taking it upon itself to review various matters that have been brought to their attention relating to wrongdoings committed at the hands of GTL. They will publicize these in a series of press releases to be distributed in the coming months. This is not necessarily an effort to discredit Global Tel Link, but it is a call to action to clean up their operations. It is important that all inmate communications technology companies operate with high standards of integrity. That is what Securus is pushing for. More info on Securus posted on the BBB website.