Wengie’s Fidget Spinner Hacks!

Wengie opens the video with a super easy way to customize your favorite fidget spinners! Using a unicorn metallic fidget spinner, Wengie takes a glitter nail polish to add more personalization. She also mentions that nail polish is a great way to hide any scuffs or scratches that you may get on your fidget spinners.


Over time, Wengie explains that fidget spinners can get dirty, slowing down the smooth rotation. She shows viewers how to pop off the covering caps on both sides of the center bearing of your spinner. Pull out any obvious dust or hair pieces, and then clean the bearing with a spare toothbrush. For a more thorough clean, Wengie shows how to let your fidget spinner soak in rubbing alcohol, and scrub the inner bearing with a dental flossing brush. This is a great way to maintain your spinner.


To keep spinners quiet in class, Wengie recommends cracking open the middle bearing and lubricating with coconut oil or WD-40. This creates an instant silencing effect for your spinner!


Next up, Wengie teaches her viewers how to get a warped spinner effect captured on camera. You’ll need to have a camera that shoots in less than thirty frames per second, and film the spinner in motion up against a window for a cool warp effect. To build momentum, Wengie showcases her Double Up Hack. By adding in extra bearings, the weight of the spinner increases, building momentum for a longer, faster spin.


As always, Wengie provides an awesome list of hacks for her fans. For more fidget spinner hacks, watch the video below!


Wengie’s exercise and food intake tricks

Wengie provides ideas to utilize your time in a productive manner when exercising and how to improve upon your food intake in her Do It Yourself (DIY) video. If a fan of watch NETFLIX, try a bit of exercise while watching the show versus simply sitting and eating snacks. Wengie suggests conducting yoga or palates while viewing the flick, or simply stretch to improve upon your flexibility while cutting down on your opportunities to snack on unwanted foods. If jogging is completed to stay in ship shape, try downloading an audio book to your smart phone. By doing so, one will be able to keep their mind occupied which is helpful to pass the time while running. In many cases, one can download a book and receive free trials up to 30 days. Google audio books and one will find many options to choose. Incidental exercise is helpful as well such as taking short walks while at work, taking the stairs versus the elevator, or even snap a few light weights on to your hair dryer or brush when getting your hair ready for the day.


Wengie suggests creating a play list on your smart phone if one has a tough time tracking time or the miles accrued when running. The play list should end at the targeted time or mileage that one has set their goal at. Add a couple of songs every week to slowly increase your distance. Food intake can be controlled by choosing an alternative to present snacks one partakes in. For example, Wengie suggests switch to popcorn versus potato chips, and using honey instead of sugar. Keep your body hydrated is important, and a trick suggested by Wengie is to place your water on top of your smart phone. If messages are checked often, one will have a gentle reminder to take a drink of water each time text messages or Facebook is reviewed. Wengie enjoys a pizza pie and has found a simple trick to lower calorie intake. Wengie suggests blots a portion of the grease from the top of the pizza pie which removes between 30 to 40 calories.