Thor Halvorssen Provides a Strong Example of How to Advance Human Rights

Doing the right thing can be difficult at times. In large part this comes from not having guides to inspire one in the right direction. This is one of the reasons why leaders such as Thor Halvorssen are so important to the world. As president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor has had ample opportunity to set a great example for people.

One of the most important points to take away from his role there is the focus on humanity. This might seem like a fairly common sense idea at first. But the fact is, that Thor has made a point of focusing the efforts of the Human Rights Foundation on humanity as a whole. This means looking after the rights of everyone on the planet, rather than a select few groups within a particular country. The idea is plainly self evident from the name. But it’s all too easy for people to get overly caught up with the politics of any one given area. Thor makes it a point to stress the fact that everyone, everywhere, has a claim on basic human rights.

However, Thor’s life also showcases the fact that caring about everyone in the world by no means limiting actions to avoid the politics of a particular region. He’s a patron of the Czech based children’s peace movement called On Own Feet. This movement is a unique collaboration between different children who join together to help each other. It’s not just a way of fostering positive action within charities. It’s also a method by which strong leaders such as Thor can help to foster successors in the upcoming generation of children.

Finally, this desire to lead and inspire might well be part of the reason why he’s producing the upcoming film adaptation of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. The future of the novel and the movie based on it presents some unique challenges for people to consider in their own lives. Like the best science fiction, it challenges viewers with ideals to strive for and roadblocks to consider within the present. In a similar way Thor’s life can serve as a way for people to find inspiration in the actions they choose for themselves. He’s clearly found a way to help people in his everyday life. And it’s equally clear that one can use his life as an example of how to make the world a better place.

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