Caroline Black and Neil Gerrard Dechert

October 20, 2021 0 Comments

In the real world, a single individual looking to launch an investigation against a business entity of any size will quickly find themselves out of their depth. Consequently, having someone who not only knows the ropes but can dig deep is essential. Dechert has managed to score big in this area when Caroline Black joined their team in 2011. According to Neil Gerrard Dechert, finding out the basics of a company is something that the general public would assume is readily available. 

However, currently, the reality is much more than that. Businesses or large corporations are skilled at hiding information from who owns it down to any current or previous criminal or civil litigations or convictions. Here is where investigative firms like Dechert with professionals like Ms. Black excel (Comparably

Caroline Black and Neil Gerrard Dechert specialize in discovering those hiding places. The successful attorneys use their knowledge to take an active approach to show companies how to identify fraudulent behaviors that can lead to embezzlement or other issues. From there, Neil Gerrard Dechert and Caroline Black work to put protocols in place to ensure compliance. Her work has garnered her an acclaimed reputation in her field. 

Ms. Black has picked up numerous awards in her short time with the Dechert firm. She was highlighted in an edition of Global Investigations Review’s “Women in Investigations”,(2015), highlighting the top 100 women in her field of law. Not to mention being among the team who received the “Investigation Team of the Year” award at the C% Women in Compliance Awards for an investigation into Airbus. While being ranked as “Up and Coming” by Chambers UK 2020, it seems that Caroline Black, along with Neil Gerrard at Dechert, has already arrived.