An Insight Into What The IM Academy Has To Offer

September 29, 2021 0 Comments

The IM Academy usually deals in the sale of digital educational services and products. If you want to learn about foreign exchange trading through an online platform, you should try out the IM Academy. The content being offered is app-based and pre-recorded.

About IM Academy

IM Academy is situated in New York, and it was established by Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry in 2013. The main aim of the institution is to offer education and learning opportunities to students who have paid for the subscriptions being offered by IM Academy.

Through the firm, clients have access to interactive and accessible training to develop the skills they will apply as they trade on foreign exchange platforms. Currently, the corporation has at least 225,000 clients.

The organization’s remote working model has been working well for the personnel. There has been no need to maintain physical officers, which means the IM Academy is in a position to hire from any location, considering there are no geographical restrictions. Also, the firm has been adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines thanks to the remote working model.

The Products Being Offered by IM Academy

The firm usually offers learning modules. The main programs being offered by IM Academy include:

  1. HFX
  2. FRX
  3. ECX
  4. DCX

Additionally, IM Academy normally offers discounts for specific packages. When you pay for your subscription, you’ll have access to interactive online sessions that are unlimited. The IM trainers will guide you through everything. Follow this page on Twitter, for more information.

The language barrier is not an issue considering the platform offers lessons in more than 13 languages. Students also have a chance to ask questions while also engaging the trainers such that they’ll get to grasp more information in some of the areas that need more clarity. There are video modules that are pre-recorded, and they come in handy as the students get to learn more about foreign exchange.


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