Jeremy Goldstein Gives His Time To Help Mentally Ill Individuals Through Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is the partner if a boutique law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm focuses on providing advice for CEO’s, corporations and management teams regarding corporate governance matters. He was educated at the University School of Law in New York, the University of Chicago and Cornell University. He earned his B.A. cum laude and his M.A.


Approximately ten years ago, Jeremy Goldstein listened to the discussions regarding conflicts of interest pertaining to executive compensation. He watched as numerous firms broke away from the larger organizations. This was when he decided there was enough room in the sector for a law firm focused on this area. After careful consideration, he moved forward.


Jeremy Goldstein has given his support to Fountain House. Their programs impact those affected with a serious mental illness and fight the associated stigmas. Fountain House is based on the idea the members should be involved with their recovery as partners as opposed to recipients. This enables the members to feel welcome and included. They work together to achieve success with their plans and goals.


About forty percent of the members have been homeless at some point in time. Jeremy Goldstein is the co-chair for the Fall Fete. The house offers educational programs, opportunities for leadership and helps prepare the leaders of the future. The members work together for education, leadership, consulting, research initiatives and colleague training.


In excess of 450 million individuals all over the world are directly affected by mental illness. These statistics have received recognition as a humanitarian crisis by the World Health Organization. The discrimination impacts education, employment and housing opportunities. Nearly one million individuals take their own life every year due to the isolation and suffering caused by mental illness. Many experts now believe the number one cause of disability may become depression.


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