Edwin Miranda; The Battle Between Consultancy Firms and Advertising Agencies

Creativity and performance are to aspects that cannot be separated in the marketing industry. They have to go hand in hand and operate as a team. This is a statement that Edwin Miranda, CEO, and founder of KOI IXS supports fully. When it comes to marketing, there is normally a struggle between satisfying the needs of the audience and those of the business. This struggle can only be solved by blending creativity and performance, something that the traditional agencies seem to be struggling with. The edge of consultancy firms over ad agencies

Mode of operation

According to Edwin, the mode of operation of consultancy firms gives them an advantage over ad agencies. Consultancies help identify, track and analyze interactions with customers both online and offline then provide solutions based on the analysis of their research. Edwin states that consultancy firms then come up with new possibilities and ways to communicate with the masses. They do not mainly rely on print advertising which is no longer the dominant mode of communicating with people as it used to be.

Creative director’s presence

Another factor that is contributing to the success of consulting firms is the presence of a creative director. Most of the traditional ad agencies have only an art director. Although one may not see how that affects the performance of ad agencies Edwin is of a different opinion. An art director just focuses on tactics and alignments. A creative director, on the other hand, focuses on scale, execution, and analytics. He/she understands the marketplace, and the audience then comes up with a scalable strategy that aligns with the brand. Edwin believes this makes all the difference.

With this modern and assured results mode of operation of consultancy firms, its no wonder that 73% of marketers including Uber, Airbnb and LG are hiring consultancies to attend to their digital marketing needs. With four consultancy firms being featured in the top list of Largest Advertising Firms in 2017, it seems that these firms are not about to slow down.

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