Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia Recommends Cash as the Way To Stay Out of Debt

Debt is such a major issue among many people. One of the common causes of debt is people living beyond their means. However, there are other factors to debt that Graeme Holm of Infinity Group Australia has looked into and addressed. He has looked into possible solutions to debt for people. He has also found something that can keep people from falling into debt. Graeme Holm of Infinity Group suggests that people use only cash in order to stay out of debt. This is an effective method because cash makes it impossible to spend what one does not have. It also gets people thinking about the money they have when it comes to products they are considering.


Graeme Holm’s expertise in finances comes from his experience in finances. He has been working in financial services for almost 20 years. The first decade of his career was spent in a big banking environment. While he was working as a banker, he has noticed that most of his clients were not making enough money to save. As a matter of fact, they often had to wait for their next paycheck so that they will be able to spend more. Living from paycheck to paycheck is a very frustrating thing and can be very tricky to overcome. Often times, they are only able to make minimum payments on their loans. In other cases, they may need to refinance.


Graeme Holm serves as the director of Infinity Group Australia. The purpose of this company is financial assistance through wealth creation, debt reduction, retirement planning and other activities. Graeme Holm is also willing to give advice to his clients on how they can avoid certain problems. After all, some problems are better avoided. Graeme and Infinity Group are available for helping customers come up with financial plans.

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