Jeunesse Global exploits the curative power of grapes

When newly retired businesswoman Wendy Lewis told her husband, Randy Ray, that she was getting the itch to start another company, he thought that she should put it off for a little while longer and see if the couple could both adjust the retired life. But Lewis already knew that she couldn’t sit idly throughout the interminable days of bingo and golf courses. Soon, Ray himself was convinced that starting another business was superior to the aimless dissolution of his past-prime peers.

Although both Ray and Lewis were already in their late 60s, the couple never felt their age. They had always stayed busy, pursuing their shared passion of creating some of the best businesses in the health and beauty industry. Ray and Lewis knew that one of the things that can help people stay feeling young is to have a strong purpose in life, working towards meaningful goals and helping others to achieve theirs. But the couple also knew that drive and ambition alone won’t keep people physically young. They wanted to tap into science to bring the miracles of modern anti-aging techniques to people across the world. They also wanted to develop those products for themselves, so that they could avoid the boredom and ennui that often besets the physically elderly, who are really often just as old as they allow themselves to be. Ray and Lewis had an idea. They called it Generation Young.

Now, nine years later, Generation Young is no longer an idea; it is tens of thousands of real people worldwide who have discovered their own passions and have been able to simultaneously stave off physical aging through the use of the science-based lineup of Jeunesse Global’s total-health products.

One of those products has been the company’s miracle drink. Called Reserve, the drink uses resveratrol, the most potent health-protecting ingredient in red wine. Resveratrol confers most of the benefits of red wine consumption, but Reserve allows the consumption of this super-ingredient without the risks that come from consuming alcohol. Reserve also contains a number of powerfully antioxidant superfruits, which include pomegranate, dark sweet cherries, concord grape and blueberries.

OSI Food Solutions, The Leader In The Food Services Industry

OSI Food Solutions operation in Toledo, Spain added a production line to double its output of chicken products. The high-capacity improvement was completed in 2017 for $17 million euros. Prior to the new line, the operation was producing 12,000 tons of protein products and is now producing over 24,000 tons. Not only is this great for business, it’s helping to boost the economy by creating new jobs. Trends in Spain have shown an increase in demand for protein products, especially chicken. In the past three years alone, demand has increased by over eight percent. The new Spain plant has over 22,000 square feet of work space, new storage facilities, service areas for water, oil, nitrogen tanks, and hot water.

David McDonald is the chief operating officer for OSI, and is excited about the new expansion. He believes it will give OSI Food Solutions the opportunity to add quality products to their portfolio. They are also committed to doing their part at reducing their carbon footprint. The improvements have enhanced measures that have reduced energy consumption by twenty percent. Two years ago, OSI Group also purchased the former Tyson plant in Chicago. They opened a plant in California that processes tofu, rice and bean products. In 2017, they acquired Flagship Europe the leading food supplier in the United Kingdom.

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the OSI Group and has worked for the company since 1970. Sheldon’s strategies throughout the years lead to the global expansion of OSI Food Solutions today. The company now has facilities in over 17 countries. Lavin is a big supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He was honored with the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. Every year the award is given to an individual who succeeded in accomplishing their goals in business.

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Talkspace Makes Therapy Possible for People that Don’t Really Want Therapy

A large number of people are becoming acquainted with Talkspace. This has become the app that is sweeping the nation as one of the best around when it comes to getting therapy. There is no doubt that this app is evolving as one that people can utilize for conversations with a therapist for $49 weekly.

There are tons of stressed out people that are curious about therapy, but they may never take the initiative to seek help in person. They may feel that there is a stigma that is associated with therapy so they were never actually talk to a counselor in person. This is what makes the app world so amazing. It gives people the chance to get therapy by way of text messaging.

For shy people this is a very good app. It allows people to engage in communication in a way that is somewhat similar to people that are in the dating at world. They may not have a desire to go out to clubs and meet people in person, but they may have a ton of success with an app that allows them to simply send text messages prior to establishing a date in real life. This is largely what the online therapy platform provides.

It can be a significant gateway to traditional therapy if people find themselves comfortable enough to express their problems through the app. Talkspace is a New York-based app, and it definitely appears to be one of those applications that leads people into a greater understanding of themselves in NYC and beyond. It opens the door to discussion on the things that may be hindering a person from success. This is one of the main reasons why it has been so successful in the short time frame that it has been available.

Dr. Clay Siegall; a Specialist in Biotechnology

Dr. Clay Siegall was inspired to start a biotech firm by the desire to overcome nature’s cause, disease. While undertaking his studies in zoology, one of his family members contracted cancer and its treatment was more severe on him than the disease itself.

He specifically got interested in coming up with a treatment that would be friendlier to cancer patients. He has ever since carried out extensive research and has come up with new development in cancer treatment.

He was also motivated by making money in the sector but this was not his primary motivation. This is because at some point, he could come across financial constraints but this did not stop him from moving on.

In his leadership at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall led in raising its capital. He was able to develop a strategy that helped in securing over $ 1.2 billion through private and public financing, including the initial capital that the company had raised in 2001.

Dr. Clay and the firm are able to generate income from sale of their own drugs, production partnerships and licensing of processes and technologies they have developed. For the firm to break even and start generating profits, it took a period of 10 years.

The firm has a special team of sales persons who are highly qualified with an excellent knowledge in biotech. The firm brought in the team to help in selling its products and in bringing in more customers.

Seattle Genetics has a unique marketing strategy since it deal with unique products. The secret behind its success is hard work and passion found in its employees.

At the University of Maryland, Dr. Clay graduated with a science degree in zoology and received his Ph.D. in genetics from the University of George Washington.

Together with Mathew Fust, Dr. Clay has been appointed as independent board members of Ultragenyx, a biopharmaceutical company. They have been appointed as a result of their proven deep knowledge and expertise to help in driving the company.

Apart from co-founding and working at the Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall has worked with other research pharmaceuticals and institutes.